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Fandom Specific Plot / Escape the Night

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Even though the fandom isn't a very big one (when compared to many others), the Escape the Night fandom has quite a few of these.

  • Afterlife Fic: A type of Continuation, which often follows the deceased YouTubers' lives after death.
    • Post-Survival Fic: Less common than the above, but follows a similar context - following the surviving YouTubers' lives after their season. This type often enforces Survivor's Guilt and Shell-Shocked Veteran.
  • Evil!Joey Fic: Exactly What It Says on the Tin - somehow, Joey has become evil, and the story often goes off from there.
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  • For Want of a Nail Fic: Basically, what would happen if something changed in canon, such as 'If The Other Guy Won' (the other contestant in an elimination challenge dying instead). Popularized by Leah Merone.
  • Historical AU: Based on the alternate realities where the YouTubers, in fact, hail from the time periods of their respective seasons and often as a bonus, have the roles assigned to them as their actual identities. Brought to light by the ETNuary 2020 event on Archive of Our Own, though variations existed prior to it.
  • New Season Fic: These generally involve personalized time periods and other YouTubers that are yet to star in the series. These are rather difficult to pull off.
    • Roleplay Season Fic: Fandom members roleplaying as canon YouTubers or an entire custom season (As Himself comes into play here) appears to be quite common too.
  • Save Them All Fic: Named for Leah's series of the same name, certain canon characters, for whatever reasons, attempt to save them all, 'them' being the deceased YouTubers. Somehow, none of them so far have been written as a Self-Insert Fic.
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  • Song Parody Fic: Altering song lyrics in favour of an AU, or to fit another character. Has happened occasionally.

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