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  • Calling the "Super Bowl" the "Superbowl" is considered an easy way to tell if someone is not a fan of the NFL, though this has diminished in recent years due to general laziness.
  • Old guys like to remind you that the New York Giants are actually the New York Football Giants. It's an Artifact Title; it was originally used to distinguish them from the New York Baseball Giants (now in San Francisco).
    • Which is actually the team's full name, and appears on the wall behind the endzones during home games at their new stadium.
  • The Chicago Bears play at Soldier Field, not Soldiers' Field.
  • Try referring to a Baseball Park as a Stadium instead. Be ready to run.
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  • It's the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not Pittsburg. And not Stealers.note 
  • And it's Tottenham Hotspur, or Spurs,note  not "Tottenham Hotspurs"
  • Also, it's the Miami Heat, not Heats (Unless you're Gonzalo "Papi" Le Batard), Orlando Magic, not Magics, Oklahoma City Thunder, not Thunders, and so on.
  • Speaking of Oklahoma City, do NOT refer to them as the Sonics to anyone from Seattle, or ask if (or worse, assume) the Seattleite is a fan, or mention Durant's MVP, or talk about how great he and Westbrook are, or mention the owners who moved the fact, it's probably safer to avoid mentioning the Thunder at all.
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  • Calling a foil, epee, or sabre a "sword" will get you mocked mercilessly among fencers. Getting two of them confused will probably draw a negative response.
  • In Australia, confusing Australian Rules Football and Rugby. For that matter, in New South Wales and Queensland, confusing Rugby League and Rugby Union.
  • In most places that are not the USA,note  referring to Association Football as "soccer" will trigger The Running of the Football Hooligans. Chasing after the poor schmuck who dared call it something other than "football", that is.
  • Do not refer to Manchester United as "Man U". This was done by United fans at one time, but it led to a spate of chants by fans of other teams that used it as the first two syllables of "manure".
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  • Do not get Manchester United mixed up with Manchester City, lest you be forever branded as a noob (or worse, an American). They are completely different teams – bitter rivals in fact – that wear completely different colours and play in completely different stadiums.note 
  • The storied NHL club is the Montreal Canadiens, not "Canadians". The name does not refer to "people from Canada", but rather is an Artifact Title because the term "Canadien" historically referred to French residents of the New World (in contrast to the British settlers, who were just Britons). Hence, Montreal's main French-speaking hockey club in the pre-NHL days was called "Club de Hockey Canadien" in contrast to the cross-town, English-speaking Montreal Maroons. Since the term has taken on almost the opposite meaning in the present day (where English Canadians are far more likely to embrace the identity than the Québécois are), suggesting that the hockey team's name is a reference to Canada (as opposed to French Quebeckers) is pretty much treasonous to Quebec nationalists.note 
  • They're the Toronto Maple LEAFS. Not the Maple Leaves, not the Maple Laffs, the Maple Leafs. They're named after the Maple Leaf Regiment in World War I.
  • Rugby Union doesn't have rules, it has laws. Ignore this when talking to a rugby fan at your peril. The same applies for cricket.
  • Refer to any supplement as a steroid in front of a Body Builder, or say they are similar, or say they have a similar use, or say that there is no difference between the two. If that Body Builder doesn't just react with violence, he's sure to go off on a diatribe about why supplements are definitely not steroids.
  • If you're going to talk about NASCAR on the air, you should never under any circumstances make the claim that drivers aren't athletes. When Donovan McNabb made the claim on November 15, 2013 that Jimmie Johnson isn't an athlete, the online fandom exploded. By midnight, the hashtag #PeopleWhoAreMoreOfAnAthleteThanDonovanMcNabb was trending nationally on Twitter, with people using as examples Toronto's semi-deposednote  former mayor Rob Ford, or Manti Te'o's fictional girlfriend.
  • Insinuating that any form of athletic competition is "not a real sport" or its participants are "not real athletes" will almost certainly result in a backlash from fans. Along with motorsports, golf and especially cheerleading tend to be frequent targets.
  • The only team you can refer to as "the All Blacks" is the 15-man team that plays in Rugby Championships and World Cups. Never refer to the Māori All Blacksnote  or the All Blacks Sevensnote  as "the All Blacks", or assume they are the same.
  • Mixed Martial Arts:
    • Calling MMA "Ultimate Fighting." This is like calling basketball "NBA." The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the biggest promotion within the sport, but the sport itself is called "mixed martial arts," and the fighters are called "mixed martial artists" or "MMA fighters", not "Ultimate Fighters." Referring to the sport or fighters as such is an immediate signal to fans to start ignoring you.
  • In Cricket, the person batting is a batsman, not a "batter". Depending on who you are talking to, this may even be the case in women's cricket.
  • College sports with two in-state teams tend to be berserk buttons for each other. Referring to teams like Michigan State or Oregon State as Michigan or Oregon is an easy way to upset a lot of fans.
    • Similarly, college rivalry traditions can rile up a fanbase if broken. Example: Ohio State fans and students rarely if ever refer to Michigan by name, but rather That Team Up North (TTUN for short).
  • Olympic Games: Don't ever call Huanhuan and Yingying (two of the mascots of the 2008 Summer Olympics) females.
    • Same thing applies to Miga (one of the mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics) for calling her a male.
  • The University of Mississippi is Ole Miss, not "Mississippi". Louisiana State University is LSU, not "Louisiana State". These two schools despise each other, but even they wouldn't use the wrong name. Some things are just not done.
  • For the love of God, please do not ever call "Chelsea Football Club" as London FC. Chelsea is not the only football club existing in London, and using the name London FC will get you branded as a plastic/fake fan or worse, a Yank. The fact that Konami decided to alter the club name in Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven series because they failed to obtain the right for using the name Chelsea will not excuse you. There is a reason why Pro Evolution Soccer sales is not doing well in England, especially London area.note 
  • Don't confuse the New Orleans Saints' chant "Who dat?" with the Cincinnati Bengals' chant "Who dey?".


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