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Fandom Enraging Misconception / Sonic the Hedgehog

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The fanbase of Sonic the Hedgehog has a lot of misconceptions that can set it off.


  • Do not say that Sonic's speed comes from his shoes (unless you're referring to the Speed Up Shoe monitors that let him go even faster). That bit of old backstory was mentioned exactly once in the franchise (in the manual for the original game, and even then it was probably referring to the aforementioned power-up) and has never been supported as canon, including in the games' own promotional comic. Games like Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Adventure 2, along with all of the other fast characters in the series, show that Sonic's speed is just a natural ability he has, and that the shoes have no bearing on them.
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  • Calling Shadow's Super Form "Hyper Shadow," a common mistake stemming from Prima's Sonic Adventure 2 game guide. This one is a surefire way to light the fuse to a Flame War. Likewise, referring to Super Tails and Super Knuckles as the less distinguishable Turbo Tails and Hyper Knuckles, which are names that originate from the Archie comicsnote .
  • Saying that Sonic & Knuckles should have been called Sonic 4 (especially egregious in light of an actual Sonic 4 getting made), or any implication that Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are two distinct games, as opposed to one full game that was forcibly split in half.
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  • Confusing Metal Sonic with Mecha Sonic can annoy some fans. note 
  • Confusing Silver Sonicnote  and Silver the Hedgehognote . A Google Images search for "silver sonic" also brings up plenty images of the latter, presumably due to the former's relative obscurity and the query being interpreted as "Silver [the Hedgehog from] Sonic [2006]".
  • Spelling Rouge the Bat's name as "Rogue".
  • Referring to Rings as "Coins".
  • Referring to Miles "Tails" Prower as a girl. He is a boy. Boys don't wear clothes. Unless you're in certain countries where the dub made him a girl.
  • Calling Amy Rose "Amy the Hedgehog" or Tails "Tails the Fox" (both are among the few characters to have "real" names in the series, with Tails' real name being "Miles Prower").
  • Confusing "Sonadow" and "Shadic". The former is the Portmanteau Couple Name for Sonic and Shadow; the latter is the name for the hypothetical fusion of the two.
  • Remember: Shadow is not Sonic's brother and Tikal is not Knuckles' sister (though Tikal being Knuckles' ancestor is plausible).
  • Do not call Shadow "Dark Sonic", or imply that he's an Evil Counterpart of Sonic. The "Dark Sonic" thing was another mistake from a magazine. Shadow is an entirely separate entity who was actually canonically "born" a few decades before Sonic was, and his similarity with Sonic is a coincidence.
  • Don't ever pronounce "Chao" as "Kay-o". It's "Chow". Also, "Chao" is both singular and plural. Saying "Chaos" will result in confusion at best, and derision at worst; "Chaos" in written form refers to something else entirely.
  • Some people will get angry if you refer to Dr. Eggman as Dr. Robotnik, or vice versa, though this has calmed down a bit after Sega officially announced that Dr. Ivo (pronounced "ee-vo", not "eye-vo") Robotnik is his real name, and "Dr. Eggman" is a nickname that everyone, including the character himself, uses.
  • The opening song for the Japanese/European version of Sonic the Hedgehog CD is officially titled "Sonic - You Can Do Anything". Calling it just "You Can Do Anything" is fine, but whatever you do, do not call it "Toot Toot Sonic Warrior".
    • The ending song is titled "Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself". Unlike the intro song, calling it just "Believe in Yourself" will get you corrected. There is a good reason for this too: Tails's ending theme music in Sonic Adventure is called the easily-confused "Believe in Myself."
  • Whether you're playing SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles Chaotix, or Sonic Mania Plus, do not under any circumstances confuse Mighty the Armadillo for Knuckles the Echidna or Ray the Flying Squirrel for Tails.
  • Referring to Funny Animal characters as if they have technicolor skin. Most are furry or scaley, with at most patches of skin (such as, possibly, Sonic's arms and stomach).
  • Calling Amy a cat or dog. She's a hedgehog whose quills are styled into a short bob-like style.

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