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Fan Works / X-COM

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This is an index of Fan Works for the video game X-COM.

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    Fan Fiction 

    Fan Fiction — Crossovers 

    Game Mods 
  • OpenXcom is an unofficial open source engine that allows running UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM: Terror from the Deep on modern systems (you still need the original game files). It fixes all the infamous bugs, adds a few improvements (like better saving/loading), but otherwise stays close to the originals. It also is mod-friendly. The mods include:
    • The Final Mod Pack: A compilation of fan mods tweaked for balance. Adds lots of new content: alien races, missions, weapons, maps, terrain types. In maintenance mode.
    • Area-51 (formerly UFO Redux): Same as above plus more. New avenues of research, monthly Council missions, armed allies fighting at your side. Still actively developed.
    • Piratez (X-Piratez): 6 centuries after X-Com lost their war, savage mutant amazons rob alien opperssors and their Earth minions. As the authour puts it: "bikini babes fighting Nazis with chainsaws". Still actively developed.
    • The X-Com Files: It's 1996 and X-Com is an underfunded organisation with 2 field agents, who investigate rumours of aliens, strange beasts and dangerous cults. Combines plot elements of UFOEU, TFTD and Apocalypse with urban legends and conspiracy theories. Alpha, but already playable.
  • OpenApoc is a similar engine remake of X-COM: Apocalypse.
  • XCOM: Long War

    Let's Plays