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  • RWBY:
    • Weiss and Ruby, which the fandom has given a nickname ("White Rose"), were shipped together ever since their prequel trailers first came out. The fact that the characters would go on to have personalities far different than what was first assumed (Ruby was thought to be The Stoic and a Weiss Tsundere) did nothing to slow this, with White Rose continuing to be one of the most popular pairings in the entire show.
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    • Blake and Yang, which the fandom has given a nickname ("Bumblebee"). Like White Rose, this originates from the prequel trailers. Within the show itself, Blake and Yang have the most Ho Yay of any same-sex pairing, and the fans delight in every emotional scene between them. Bumblebee is another of the most popular ships in the entire series.
    • Sun Wukong gets shipped with his Casanova Wannabe team mate Neptune, which initially began based on Neptune's appearance alone. This later gained popularity as a result of his adorkable personality, as well as a desire to solve the perceived threat to both the Bumblebee and White Rose ships which arises from the Ship Tease between Sun and Blake and Neptune and Weiss.
    • Out of STRQ, Qrow and Summer are the most popular couple. It eclipses all of the other pairings including the two (including the official Taiyang/Summer) in terms of fan-art and fan-fics. As of Volume 6, there's been no concrete proof that Qrow ever loved Summer romantically, but it's fanon to believe he did. Many fans believe that Qrow is Ruby's biological dad and that the family did a Family Relationship Switcheroo. Even those who don't believe this theory do believe that Summer is Qrow's Lost Lenore.
  • Enough comments appeared on the Worm threads shipping Skitter and Clockblocker together that the author had Clockblocker explicitly sink it in canon.
    • Beyond Skitter/Clockblocker, other pairings like Skitter/Panacea and Skitter/Tattletale tend to be much more popular than canon pairing Skitter/Grue.
  • It would probably be easier to name the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared fanfics and fanart that don't ship the Notebook and Tony the Talking Clock. The two of them have never interacted, and they've never been onscreen at the same time for more than a few seconds.
  • Neko Sugar Girls fans overwhelmingly ship Koneko and Raku despite the fact Raku pines for Hitoshi the entire series. The finale where Raku dies in Koneko's arms as she cries only cemented the pairing. Prior to that Kidnapper-kun/Hitoshi was the most popular ship until it became the Official Couple.
  • For most of the Red vs. Blue history, Grif/Simmons has been the main ship, which is helped by the large amount of Ho Yay and creators implying it's canon.
    • On the Yuri side, Agents Connecticut and South Dakota, who never had a single meaningful interaction onscreen.
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    • As of Season 11, Tucker/Washington has become one of the most popular Red vs. Blue ships.
  • Critical Role has its fair share of ships, but the most popular by far is Percy/Vex'ahlia, which outstreches even its own Ship Mate turned Official Couple Keyleth/Vax by a wide margin. This is likely thanks to the sheer amount of long drawn-out Ship Tease that's been in place since the Briarwoods arc.
  • There's a large amount of Ruby Quest fan-art about Stitches/Daisy, who never met in the game and whose only connection was both being met as horrible mutants. It may be a case of Pair the Spares, as they are the only patients of the Metal Glen not dead ( Maddie) already in a relationship ( Ruby and Tom, and Tom Nook and Lucy), or escaped without a romantic partner ( Jay).
  • SMG4's Mario Bloopers has Mario and Meggy the Inkling, which seems to be the most beloved pairing of the series thanks to their strange yet endearing friendship, and Meggy being one of the few characters that Mario's almost always friendly to. Half of the fanbase hopes for the pairing to become official, however the other half thinks otherwise considering her age.
  • Eddsworld has two of these, Tom/Tord and Paul/Patryck. Paul/Patryck, however, was so popular Tomska ended up confirming it as canon.

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