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  • Tales of Destiny: Stahn/Leon is far more popular than Stahn/Rutee, the Official Couple. On the het side, Stahn/Philia is also more popular than Stahn/Rutee.
  • Tales of Symphonia has lots of popular pairings, but Sheena/Lloyd is the most popular (opposite the semi Official Couple of Lloyd and Colette).
  • Tales of Rebirth: Veigue/Tytree is very popular, easily competing with the heavily implied Veigue/Claire.
  • Tales of Legendia:
    • Fans in the West prefer Senel/Chloe to Senel/Shirley. After all, Senel and Chloe spend most of the game getting to know one another and discovering what they have in common (though, ironically enough, their similarities are used in-game as the chief reason they can't end up together). Meanwhile, Senel introduces Shirley as his sister, was in a relationship with Shirley's actual sister, and when he spurns Shirley for her dead sister, she turns into a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds who almost floods the world.
    • In Japan, it's less of a Fan-Preferred Couple and more on par with Senel/Shirley in terms of Ship-to-Ship Combat. The official crossover spin-offs to the Tales series constantly flip-flop between supporting Senel/Shirley or Senel/Chloe depending on the development staff.
  • In Tales of the Abyss, Peony's canonically still pining after Nephry even after ten years, but Peony/Jade is a much more popular ship. (Weirder still if you consider that Jade is Nephry's brother.)
  • Tales of Vesperia:
    • Yuri/Judith is much more popular than Yuri/Estelle, probably because they're both Blood Knights with a fair bit of flirting and snark between them. This balance seems to be reversed in Japan, where Yuri/Estelle is the most popular pairing by far and Yuri/Judith is almost nonexistent.
    • The large amounts of Ho Yay in-game have also led to Ristelle and Fluri. That Yuri's original VA is a vocal supporter of both, as well as an outspoken supporter of Yuri and Estelle having a sibling like relationship helps too. Not to mention that BONNIE PINK has gone on record saying that the Japanese opening ended up being a love song about Yuri and Flynn from Estelle's perspective. As the years have gone by, Yuri/Flynn has beaten the once-popular Yuri/Judith and Yuri/Estelle out on both sides of the globe, and Bamco have consistently teased the pairing in omakes, side games such as Tales of the Rays, and in official merchandise featuring other official couples.
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  • Tales of the World: Each incarnation of the Descender and Kanonno seem to be pretty popular.


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