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Final Fantasy has a lot of very popular ships.

  • Final Fantasy IV: Edge/Rydia is extremely popular amongst fans, owing to their Belligerent Sexual Tension. Edge pretty much canonically having feelings for her and the pair basically adopting and raising a child together in the sequel help as well.
  • Final Fantasy V: Bartz/Lenna has a decent amount of fans despite the little evidence.
    Bartz: Yeah! You know, it was my dad's dying wish that I go out and travel the world... Plus, this time it feels like- like the wind is calling me.
    Galuf: What a sweet-talker! As if you don't just have the hots of the little missy.
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  • On a good number of sites for Final Fantasy VI, fics and fanart for Terra/Celes rival those of the canon Locke/Celes; there's even at least one fangame that rewrites the plot of the fourth game to feature the two. This is despite the fact that Terra and Celes only interacted about twice canonically, and are rarely together even outside of that except when the entire party is in unison (Terra vanishes not long after Celes joins the party, and returns just in time for Celes to leave again, and by the time they're both playable again, the cast size has hit double digits). Fans of the pairing tend to cite their strong parallels and contrasts, their status as dual protagonists, and their potential for intriguing interaction. (This may be paired with seeing Locke as a bit of a creep.)
  • Final Fantasy VII: Vincent and Yuffie are quite popular, despite having no hints in the original game—fans seemed to like the thought of the solemn Atoner finding happiness with the Genki Girl princess. Perhaps as a nod to the fanbase, Square Enix threw a bit of Ship Tease the two's way during Dirge of Cerberus.
  • As for Final Fantasy XIII:
    • Large swathes of fandom have fallen for Lightning and Hope. Sometimes they age Hope up; sometimes they don't. This is also one of the most popular pairings in Japan, gaining the portmanteau ship name "hopurai."
    • Another popular pairing involves Fang with Vanille, whose Ambiguously Gay relationship is so full of Les Yay Ship Tease they straddle the borderline of canon. It doesn't help that Fang was supposed to be a man.
    • Serah and Noel from the sequel got a lot of supporters MONTHS before the game was even out, with some hoping that Snow and Serah had broken up because he wasn't seen in earlier trailers. And then it got even more support after the game was released and contained some very Heartwarming Moments between the two.
    • With the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the Hopurai pairing is noted to have exploded in popularity after their Ship Tease-laden endgame. And since Word of God says Hope probably returned to his adult body at the end of the game, it can't be called paedophilia anymore, either.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy:
  • Final Fantasy XV: Noctis/Prompto has a very large fanbase, despite the fact that Prompto has a (albeit unrequited) crush on Cindy and Noctis is betrothed to Lunafreya.
  • From the Final Fantasy series in general, Ifrit/Shiva is a very popular pairing between summons, most likely due to the "fire and ice, Beast and Beauty" thematic they have going on. Final Fantasy XV has even canonically made them former lovers.

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