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  • Homestar Runner
    • Kidstar - 1-Up from the 20X6 universe. He's the anime equivalent of Homestar, and his idol Stinkoman dismisses him as being "just a kid". His name wasn't officially revealed until a year after he first appeared.
    • Marzichan - The 20X6 version of Marzipan who has so far only appeared in a Main Page.
    • Visor Robot - A robot with a visor. Oddly enough, the series creators now actually refer to this robot as "Visor Robot".
  • Linkin Ball Z - Any of the Trillions of combinations of Dragon Ball Z and the band Linkin Park commonly seen in Fan Vids.
    • Yah rly, and that's just on Youtube...
  • Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series generally refer to Yami Bakura and Yami Marik as "Florence" and "Melvin", respectively. That may also be their 'canon' names.
    • "Melvin" was originally a mocking joke name from Yami "[We came here to fight] Marik! Not his imaginary friend Melvin!" "Florence" was the name Yami Bakura bitterly said his parents wanted to name him, and that same episode ends with him saying that "Florence is back." Both took off with fans and became recurring names shortly thereafter, though "Florence" at least still goes by Bakura most of the time, presumably because "real" Bakura isn't active enough for there to be much confusion anyway.
  • lonelygirl15
    • BDJ - Bree, Daniel and Jonas collectively.
    • TAAG - Teen Angst Adventure Gang. All the main characters as a team.
    • The Creators - Always with capitalised initial letters. The executive producers of the show, who often use this name themselves.
    • Bambi - Nadia Dalton.
    • Pharma Guy - Ted McKinley.
  • Handlers occasionally give Survival of the Fittest characters nicknames based on their personality traits and the like, and occasionally a character gets a malicious nickname made for the purpose of mocking them. Prominent examples of fan nicknames in SOTF include Kenurton Larris for v3 character Ken Lawson, BB for Blood Boy (people tend to prefer calling him by the shorthand "BB" for whatever reason), and in the mocking sense "* charactername* v2" for characters that are obvious clones of previous SOTF characters. "Mariavel v2" = Melina, "Damien v2" = Eduardo, and "Oliver v2" = Gabe Theobaldt, for example.
    • A number of members (although it was sparked by the character's handler) have begun to refer to Bobby Jacks as 'Bocelot' due to performing an Offhand Backshoot on another character (and hitting him in the head). Members joke that soon he will be ricocheting bullets off walls, and that before long he will have one of his arms cut off.
    • Handlers sometimes give nicknames to characters who share the same first names to differentiate them. For example in V4, there's Happy!Nick (Nick LeMonde) and Sad!Nick (Nick Reid)
      • And Sarax, Stan and Seizure Girl for Sarah Xu, Sarah Tan and Sarah Atwell respectively.
    • From The Program, the SotF Mini Alternate Universe game, Logan Sorenson is almost always referred to as Lolgan.
  • On Cinema: Fans of Gregg often called themselves Greggheads (there is even a [[Website/Reddit subreddit]] that has that name). It refers to Gregg's practice of referring to fandoms of film franchises as (name of franchise)Heads such as Bond Heads and Hobbit Heads.
  • Red vs. Blue
    • Cecil - Caboose's twin brother, who may or may not actually exist.note 
    • iTex - When it was unclear when Tex exactly was a real person or not, Tex when she was definitely an AI was iTex
    • iFrags - AI programs that are a piece of the alpha
    • eFrags - AI programs that are pieces of the iFrag Epsilon
    • Alpha Church, aChurch, Robo Church - The name for the Alpha AI. To differentiate him from Dr. Church
    • Epsilon Church is the Epsilon version
    • Coffee Man - That one guard with really unfortunate timing in Season 9, so named because he was carrying two cups of coffee.
    • "Shark Face" - That one badass pyro mook from Season 9 that actually manages to give two Freelancers a decent fight. Later ascended as an in-universe nickname.
      • His friends are Muscles/Sleeveless (the guy with exposed arms), Blondie/Hot Lips (the knife fighting chick revealed to have blond hair in season 10), and Dr. Pill/Pillman/Pill Guy (the guy with the pill logo who apparently knows CT pretty well).
    • The pilot is only known by her callsign, Four Seven Niner, but some people call her Lucy for some reason.
  • Not a character, but the fans have nicknamed the authors of the Whateley Universe stories the 'Canon Cabal'. Occasionally in the forums the acronym TINCC shows up after mentioning this nickname: it stands for 'There Is No Canon Cabal'.
  • N. Bison from Kickassia as a result of him being the Nostalgia Critic dressed as M. Bison.
    • The Nostalgia Chick's Sarah Palin persona is known as "Nostalgia Palin".
      • The Critic's Japanese fandom (yes, it does exist) has nicknamed the Chick "Nosuko", combining a Japanese contraction of "Nostalgia" with a common Japanese female name ending.
    • The name "Ask That Guy" probably counts too, as to distinguish him from Doug's handle That Guy with the Glasses.
    • 'Meg the Magic Gun Girl' for the girl whose soul is inside Linkara's magic gun.
      • Also from Atop the Fourth Wall, Linkara's Power Rangers costume has earned the nickname "Pimpkara".
    • "Tigwatig" for, aka TGWTG.
  • The Tipping Forties crew has come up with a few, most of them for Tales of Symphonia:
  • In the original run of the Webcomic "Earthsong", vampire Tristram was occasionally referred to as "Vampy McEmopants" for his overly melodramatic backstory.
  • The Classic Doctor Who Twitter Blog likes using this trope when the proprietor doesn't know/can't spell a character's name. Examples include "Random Chanting Asian Man" (Kaleed from "Time-Flight"), "sparkles" (the Megara from "The Stones of Blood"), and "BDSM-man" (Sharaz Jek from "The Caves of Androzani").
  • The Slender Man, paragon of nightmares and source of paranoia, is affectionately referred to as "Slendy".
    • And in the Slendy-inspired web series Marble Hornets, totheark/Masked Man, a silent man in a creepy theatre mask who attacks, stalks, and watches the protoganist sleep at night, is generally referred to simply as "Masky".
    • The second Masky, introduced in Entry #41, has been frequently nicknamed either "Hoody" or "Blasky".
      • The boys of Marble Hornets themselves have become known in some circles as "the Wifers."
      • While Tim's sideburns are affectionately known as the Suttonchops.
  • The Minoto game Bread Girl was given a "Disturb Through" that gave the woman at the vegetable stand the name "Miami Mom" and painted her as a neglectful, domineering mother. It's actually just the alive-and-successful Little Match Girl, but the nickname stuck anyways.
  • In Rhett&Link's "Epic Rap Battle," Rhett gives a guy a Half-Nelson, and Link gives the same guy a Full-Nelson. The fandom has decided to name him "Nelson."
  • The Downfall parody meme has a lot of these. Hitler himself is often called "Dolfy" by fans, Burgdorf has the fan nickname of "Burger-Dork", and Goebbels' nickname "Skeletor" probably started as one of these before actually becomming an In-Series Nickname.
  • Die Anstalt: Lyall for the wolf inside Dolly. For Meaningful Name bonus points, it means "shield wolf".
  • We're Alive:
    • After the "Little Ones" "grew up" fans began referring to them as either "Inklings" or "ADLOs" (A Fun with Acronyms Advanced Little Ones)
    • Ink himself is a Fan Nickname for the lead zombie, who is covered in tattoos and wears a blue, pin-striped suit. Most fans assume him to be Bill Roberts (whose nickname was Ink).
    • Datu's ability to fix just about anything has led to him being dubbed "King Datu the Resourceful."
  • The Mario Party TV group calls Peach and Toadette 'Team Tuna' when they're on the same team in 2 Vs. 2 games, even when it's not Mario Party 7. Likewise, they call the tag team of Yoshi and DK 'Team Danimals'.
  • Detractors of Steam Train like to call it "Trainwreck".
  • Worm:
    • The Golden Idiot for Scion, due to his Gold-Colored Superiority and the fact that he turns out to be Dumb Muscle.
      • Golden Fuck-You Beam for Scion's Stilling power.
    • Eden for Scion's counterpart Entity, killed by Contessa and Dr. Mother.
    • Abbadon for The third Entity.
    • 'Halbeard' for Armsmaster, because he uses a halberd and has a beard- this one started in Dire Worm.
    • Winged_One or The_Winged_One: The Simurgh's assumed PHO account.
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon is full of them, largely because most of their Pokemon ended up with jumbles of letters for names. In no particular order:
    • Their starter ABBBBBBK( is known as Abby.
    • aaabaaajss the Pidgeot is known as Bird Jesus, thanks to being by far their most powerful Pokemon for most of the game.
    • Flareon, due to its status as the Apple of Discord, is the False Prophet, or for those who view it more sympathetically, the Martyr.
    • Drowzee, who valiantly contained Flareon in the PC, is the Keeper.
    • The Helix Fossil (and once it was revived, Omanyte/Omastar) is known as Lord Helix.
    • JLVWNNOOOO the Rattata is called "Jay Leno," while their second Rattata, AAJST(????, is "Digrat," after its obnoxious habit of using Dig at inconvenient times. After the latter evolved into Raticate, it gained the additional moniker of "Bigdig."
    • DUX the Farfetch'd is King Leer, Slayer of Trees.
    • x(araggbaj the Oddish is "Cabbage," or "the Seed of Hope."
    • The Gastly they left in the Daycare is Rick Gastly.
    • AA-j, a.k.a. Zapdos has a HUGE number of names, but "Archangel of Justice" is a particularly common one.
    • Their Lapras is named AIIIIIIRRR, and is consequently most often known as either Air Jordan or the Fresh Prince.
    • AATTVVV is, logically enough, generally called "All-Terrain Venomoth." After it took down Lance's Dragonite singlehandedly, it also became known as the Dragonslayer.
    • AAAAAAAAAA the Nidorino is the Fonz, and after being evolved in Nidoking, King Fonz.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device is often shortened to simply "Text-To-Speech" or "Emperor Text-To-Speech".
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • Sketchbook: "Notepad", "Paige"
    • Red Guy: "Harry"
    • Bird Guy: "Robin"
  • El Superboy Primo: ERod, due to his increasingly obsessive and over the top hatred of Man of Steel and Zack Snyder.
  • Ruby Quest:
    • 'Bear Zombie' and 'Spinesnake' for the first monster encountered who turned out to be Stitches.
    • 'Hound Zombie', 'Hook Zombie', 'Plant Zombie', and 'Bellsprout' for the second monster, Daisy. She was also called 'Maddie', but that was more a case of mistaken identity, since Maddie was another patient who died permanently.
    • Stitches for the body found on the wall of the Dummy Room Which turned out to be his actual name.
    • Monitorface or Monitorhead for Bella, since her first few appearances were monitors showing her face.
    • Subject #6 though he's actually #5 or just Nook for Tom Nook, to avoid confusing him with the protagonist Tom.
    • 'Emobird' for Jay.
    • 'Spade' for Ace because he wore an Ace of Spades logo on his shirt before the facility was abandoned, and signed his name like that. Calling him this mostly stopped once it was made clear his name was Ace.
    • 'Sven' for the goat skull in the cabinet, to fit in with the Animal Crossing Theme Naming ('Sven' being a goat villager from that game). He's also assumed to be the same person as 'Dr. S', who signed one of the many notes found around the facility.
    • 'Mr Water Cooler' for a water cooler in one room, which became a meme among players because its taps look a bit like an unamused expression.
  • Mystery Skulls Animated: Bara Ghost for Lewis.
  • TFS at the Table: Nedra, the Punchy Princess.

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