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Thanks to its growing popularity, a lot of things revolving around Kantai Collection have been earning nicknames from the community.

    Kanmusu (Ship girls) 
  • "Beaver" for Yukikaze, due to how her top teeth are drawn in her character art. The Japanese call her "hamster".
  • "KTKM-sama" for Torpedo Cruiser Kitakami, taken from her library intro where she refers to herself as "Super Kitakami-sama". The nickname itself is obviously just her name with all the vowels taken off, a reference to the abbreviation KTKR or kita korenote , while the respectful "-sama" is because many endgame fleet compositions pretty much require Kitakami (or Ooi, or both of them) to work.
  • By way of analogy to the above, "ABKM" for Abukuma. Though others would also call her "Abusqueak" due to the annoyingly high pitch of her voice. Or the more affectionate "Abubear", because of the "-kuma" im her name.
  • "Tenryuu's Kindergarten", for any fleet composed of light cruiser Tenryuu supported by a gaggle of destroyers (particularly DesDiv 6 (aka the Akatsuki sisters)), who are usually drawn as kids. Supported by the official 4koma, which mentions that Tenryuu is apparently good with kids. Because of her low maintenance cost, she is frequently used in expeditions along with destroyers, and both official 4koma and fanworks reflect this trait.
    • Apparently, Bushiroad has caught onto this and given Tenryuu a skill of gaining power for each Level 0 character on the field in the Weiss Schwarz TCG.
  • "Mom" for Houshou. In-game due to her gentle tone of voice and the fact that she has one of the lowest maintenance costs of any carrier. Much like Tenryuu, this makes her ideal for "babysitting" the kids/destroyers. It is also a recognition of seniority, as she was the first aircraft carrier in the world to be designed and finished as such, making her the mother of all carriers (which is also a tag dedicated to her alone). note 
    • Similarly, Taigei is often called "Sub Mom" or similar due to her profession (Submarine Tender).
    • Both of these are also references to the Japanese terms for aircraft carrier (航空母艦, literally "aviation mothership") and submarine tender (潜水母艦, likewise "submarine mothership") respectively.
  • "Nagamon" for Nagato, from an alternate pronunciation of her name kanji. When one sees this being mentioned in fan art, expect to see her cuter/sillier/more perverted side being depicted.
  • 12-suzu or 十二鈴 for Isuzu, a play on both her name and the fact that she remodels at level 12, tying in with the Isuzu Farms entry in Memetic Mutation.
  • "Poi" for Yuudachi. This usually refers to her Kai 2 form, which is arguably the most useful destroyer in most situations where you wouldn't otherwise use one, due to her firepower being on par with a heavy cruiser's.
  • With the addition of I-19 into the roster, her lines towards the player, the pronunciation method to her name (Iku), and the way she talks have caused some people to, er, do a double take. This has led to her getting her own tag in Pixiv, "Oyogu Juu-hakkin" ("the swimming R-18") note . For that matter, she also gets called the "Lewdmarine".
  • "Seal"' for Shimakaze, for her surprised "Au!" reaction when you click on her. Also Zekamashi, from the kana on the lifebuoy she's sometimes seen with (which is her name written right to left, as it would have been on warships of the time).
  • Bismarck is sometimes called "Biscuit" or "Biscuit-chan", in addition to the affectionate "Bisko". She is also called "Big Akatsuki" because the two of them have similar personalities.
  • Musashi, meanwhile, earned from some players the nickname "Sushi", probably as a play on her name and the fact that she has a Sarashi wrapped around her body.
    • She also gets called an "Inn" (or the slightly more palatable "Onsen") due to her historical namesake not having as much luxury features as her elder sister ("Yamato Hotel"). Others would go a bit lower and designate her as a "Motel", probably in reference to her Stripperiffic appearance, thus reserving the "Inn" appellation to the yet-to-be-released Shinanonote 
    • Some fans, however, particularly after the discovery of her wreckage in 2015, acknowledged her illustrious Last Stand creds that her real-life counterpart exhibited by coining her the "Fortress" nickname.Explanation  Naturally, she got the nickname "Superfortress" upon her Kai-2 remodel.Note 
  • Yamato herself is often called "Hotel" by western fans affectionately, in reference to the real-life nickname the actual ship received during the war.
  • "Raiden" for Ikazuchi and Inazuma together, as the word is composed from the kanji for Inazuma and Ikazuchi's names. Canonized by Kongou in the Anime.
  • Also "Loli-Okan" and "Useless Admiral Maker" for Ikazuchi, due to her tendency to pamper and spoil the Admiral beyond help.
  • "Yaggy", used to refer collectively to Kagerou, Kuroshio, and Shiranui. Comes from a compression of the characters used in their introductory lines and is used in reference to attempts to build Yukikaze (who has the same build time, being of the same class as these three, but is much more rare than them).
  • Asagumo is referred as "ErrorGumo", due to her resemblance to the Error Musu in the catbomb screen. Helped by the fact that they're drawn by the same artist.
  • Fusou and Yamashiro are known as the "Unlucky Sisters".
    • Fusou is also nicknamed Fukou due to her line "Fukou da"
    • They're also collectively called "Christmas trees", due to the pagoda masts being called exactly that by the Americans and British in Real Life.
  • Prinz Eugen earned the nickname of "Pringles" within hours of her debut. Some fans also just call her Chiyo. Both Prinz Eugen and Chiyo have the same voice actress.
    • Also "pudding", since the first 3 syllables of her name in Katakana, 'Purin', also refers to pudding in Japanese.
  • "Shotago" for Atago to some Western fans, all thanks to the massive amount of fanart and doujinshi pairing her with much younger Admirals.
  • Mutsu earned the unfortunate nicknames of Mutslug, Mutsnail and Snail Boat; native speakers call her Rimutsutakanote  in the same vein. This is due to her horn-like radio antennae bearing a strong resemblance to a snail or slug's eye stalks. Despite having a similarly designed headdress, Nagato is spared from this nickname due to hers being back-swept.
  • In relation to Mutsu's nickname, Nelson briefly got the nickname "Snelson" for basically the same reason.
  • The term "Flight Deck Chest" (Coined via Ooi's derisive remark towards Zuikaku in the anime) has started making rounds in the Image Boards, describing Standard Carrier Fleet girls, and a few Light Carrier ones, with roughly flat chests.
    • Subverted, yet taken to its zenith, when Mikuma's summer artwork came out. Note that Mikuma herself is an Aircraft Cruiser instead of an Aircraft Carrier, which kind of skirts the nickname.
  • Speaking of flat chests, "Asashio-class Aviation Destroyer" for Ryuujou, who wears a suspender skirt under her cloak and is flat, just like the Asashio-class destroyers. This is invoked in Shimakaze's manga when Ryuujou ends up wearing one of Asashio's spare uniforms. Another derisive nickname for her would be "The Flattop"Explanation .
    • In Japan, the "Flattop" refers to all carriers with flat chests.
  • Hayasui was barely out for a day before 2ch gave her the nickname "Speed F*llatio", because her kanji can be read as "fast suck".
  • Coffee for Graf Zeppelin due to her mention of having made coffee for the Admiral in several hourly lines and as a result, players calling their attempts to look for her "coffee runs".
  • "2-4-11" for Naka, because she appears quite often during normal construction, so duplicates of her are generally scrapped, yielding 2 fuel, 4 ammo, and 11 steel. Not only that, but there's also a fanmade song about her called the "2-4-11 of Love!"
    • In a more positive way, those who appreciate her called her "idol".
  • "Slutzuya" for Suzuya due to a combination of her flirtatious behaviour and the connotations of Joshikousei. Whether this is the cause or result of the number of doujins she stars in is left as an exercise to the reader.
    • She's also called "Shipgirl Sanae" by some noting her considerable resemblence to Sanae Kochiya from Touhou.
  • "Oppai DD" for certain Destroyers (Urakaze and Hamakaze being prime examples) because of their larger size in comparison to other destroyers. A variation comes with Ushio via the nickname "UshiOppai" due to her Hidden Buxom.
  • Anything related to Iowa is usually tagged to democracy and freedom, with US President Donald Trump gleefully accompanying her. Therefore, some might say she is "the Trump wagon." Affectionately, some have also taken to calling her "Trump-tan" based off a few pieces of fanart depicting her with a "Make America Great Again" hat.
    • There's currently "The Big Stick", which is essentially her historical nickname from The Korean War.
    • Some fans have taken to calling her "burger boat" after the stereotypical American food. It's not helped by the fact that the end of event update actually gives her burger and beer on Anchorage Bar Counter furniture if you set her as secretary.
    • Her massive "displacement" is often referred to as "Manifest Breastiny", a pun on Manifest Destiny.
    • She's also got her own tag on Pixiv that translates to "Super-Heavy Shell," a reference to the Mark 8 shell used by her guns.note 
    • The Fairy for her 16inch Mark 7 gun, on the other hand, is known simply as "Freedom Fairy".
  • Duck/Ducky for the Akizuki-class, which comes from pronouncing the alternate romanization "Akiduki" (or "-duki") as written.
    • Suzutsuki in particular is called "Swan" because her name isn't affected by the rendaku that turns the spelling into "duki". Bonus point for herself being a self-sufficient farmer instead of relying on canned foods like the rest of her sisters.
  • The voice Ayako Kawasumi used for Isokaze is practically identical to the one used for Fate/stay night's Saber. Thus earning her the nickname "Saberkaze" among fans.
  • Hamakaze is nicknamed Shielderkaze/Hamashukaze due to Mash Kyrielite/Shielder looking like the former, albeit with purple eyes and hair.note  She's also called "Remakaze" for her resemblance to Rem of Re:Zero.
  • Furutaka inherits her Fan Nickname from World of Warships: Furry Taco/Furious Taco.
  • Kongou earned the nickname "Kongou Bongo" from this video of Woody Herman's Civilization playing on her name sounding like "Congo". It returned to the spotlight after a fanart where Iowa uses that name for her.
  • Fans have dubbed Kamikaze "lolibaba" - a combination of "loli", which is self-explanatory, and "baba", a Japanese slang term for an old woman - due to her being the oldest destroyer released in the game to date.note 
  • "Nui Nui" for Shiranui when having a cute moment, breaking character.
  • Unryuu gets called "Fluffy" due to the seeming softness of her hair and other parts
    • Some might call almost all the "-ryu" class carriers "Fluffy dragons" due to their generally nice personalities and ample curves.
  • Warspite currently retains her title from World War II: "The Grand Old Lady", due in part to currently being the second-oldest ship in-game. Prior to her reveal in the Summer 2016 event when the announcement was made as to the introduction of a Royal Navy fleet girl, players immediately used "Ohohohojou-sama" as her unofficial nickname.
  • Anything drawn by Shibafu will inevitably have potato attached to their defining feature due to the faces of the ships he draws. Key examples would be people calling Hiryuu and Souryuu the potato dragons and all the Fubuki-class Destroyers he drew (as well as Ayanami-class Ayanami & Shikinami) Potato Destroyers.
    • Speaking of Fubuki, she gets the nickname "Potato Starter" for being one of the Starter Five. Alternatively, "Whobuki" to jokingly refer to how she is a relative unknown in the game, despite being one of the starting ships, so when somebody mentions her, they ask "Who?"
    • "Tater Tots" for Daitou and Hiburi, due to them being Shibafu-designed coastal defense ships, and the fact that they both look like kids.
    • "Freedom Fries" for Intrepid, due to being a Shibafu-designed American Kanmusu.
  • Trophy Destroyers for most of the Kagerou class outside of Kagerou, Shiranui, and Kuroshio, due to many of them being standard rewards or rare drops gotten during events/hard maps that are often sidelined in favor of stronger destroyers with a second remodel and shown off like a trophy.
  • Chinese fandom call Akagi "吃城" as a pun on how her kanji is pronounced if using the Mandarin reading of the characters, combined with the Bauxite Queen glutton meme.
  • Within a week of the beginning of the Spring 2017 event, people had taken to calling Etorofu "Erotofu" and, from there, "Tofu".
  • Fans were quick to call Gangut "Big Hibiki" due to their similarities, in the vein of Akatsuki and Bismarck above.
    • Also Stalin's Russian bias. Not common.
    • After Verniy got her nickname "Comrade Tiny One" thanks to Ido's comic strip (see the example below), Gangut was nicknamed "Comrade Big One" accordingly.
  • "EroKanColle Sensei" for Sagiri (within days after her introduction), due to sharing her name and her light violet hair with Izumi Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei.
  • Meanwhile, her sister ship Amagiri gets the nickname "MeganeBono", for being a bespectacled version of her other sister ship Akebono, minus the Flower in Her Hair and the Tsundere outbursts. Also "AbsGiri" due to her well-toned abs in her revised Kai form.
  • With the introduction of Hatakaze, fans can finally use "Kamikaze Rangers", the collective term used for the entire Kamikaze class Destroyers due to their color-coded outfits, with Kamikaze (Red), Harukaze (Pink), Asakaze (Blue), Matsukaze (Green) and Hatakaze (Yellow). Sometimes, the Ancient Destroyer Princess is thrown in as the Black Ranger.
  • "Little Kashima" for Hatakaze, because of how the two look alike.
  • Due to a certain doujin by Ido featuring Gangut, the Western fans quickly adopted "Comrade Tiny One" for Hibiki/Verniy. It certainly helps that the "tiny one" in Gangut's 0400 hourly line almost certainly refers to Verniy, being the only other Russian ship girl in the cast at that point.
  • Souryuu's 2017 Autumn seasonal art has been called "JD Souryuu" or "College Student Souryuu" by fans.
  • "Turkey" for Zuikaku, due to her infamous service record during The Battle of the Philippine Sea, where Americans easily shot down her planes in what they call "The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot."
    • In connection, "Darth Zuikaku" for the Abyssal Crane Princess. Some fans would even use "Darth ZuiSushi" as she also gets some design cues from Musashi.
  • "Little Kongou" for Jervis, due to being voiced by the same voice actress and both showing quite some love for the Admiral. Weirdly also, "HMS Karen Kujou" for being nearly similar to her, minus the half-Odango Hair.
    • By similar relation because of her "Darling" line, some would also tag her as "Little Chitoge" (Or the diminutive "ChibiToge".)
  • Tashkent has "Blue Cruiser", or "Russian Bias". Similar to Hibiki above, there's also "Comrade Speedy One" or "Comrade Medium One", on account of being a slightly more mature-looking, yet stats-wise faster, ship than the former; also ties up with the former's nickname.
  • "Gamby", "Gambier Bae", or "Gambae" for Gambier Bay.
    • Also "Floof Bay", due to her massive, soft-looking hair.
  • "Amerikaze" for Johnston, a pun on her being American and looking like a Palette-Swapped Amatsukaze.
  • "Cup Noodles" for Nisshin due to her name being too similar to Nissin, the company that makes instant ramen (including Cup Noodles). Her clothes' color scheme of red and white is also used in the packaging.
  • Colorado has begun earning the nickname Smolorado due to the real life Colorados being noticably smaller than the Nagatos and Nelsons.
  • Fans have dubbed Commandant Teste "Toothpaste" thanks to her Multicolored Hair.
    • By way of theme analogy to Commandant Teste, Richelieu immediately got the nickname "Oral BB", in reference to the "OralB" dental product brand, and the fact that she's a Battleship.
    The Abyssal Fleet 
  • "Henderson-chan" among Western players for the Airfield Princess, That One Boss of the Fall 2013 event, due to her being based on the real-life Henderson Field at Guadalcanal.
  • "Darwin-chan" for the Seaport Princess, and "Wake-chan" for the Isolated Island Demon. Following the example of the Airport Princess, their nicknames reference the real-world places (which were the locations of Allied bases) they're representing: Port Darwin in Australia and Wake Island, respectively.
  • Seaport Princess earned the additional nickname of "Oppai" for once having the largest bust in the entire Abyssal Fleet.
  • Many have taken to called Northern Ocean Princess "Hoppo-chan", a diminutive taken directly from her Japanese name. Western players, on the other hand, have started calling her "Mittens". In Japanese, she's also nicknamed "Aku-tan", a pun on the Akutan Zero that she carries, with "-tan" also being a childish mispronunciation of "-chan".
  • "Black Wock Shooter": Wo-Class Kai Flagship has a blue flame on her left eye. Other remodeled flagshipsnote  following this theme have spawned following the Spring 2014 event (usually Ri- and Ru-classes). The general drawing style for humanoid Shinkaisei-kan is also quite reminiscent of Huke's style in BRS.
    • "Yorktown": One of the Wo-Class ships in the anime, due to the (now jossed) theory that the Abyssal Fleet is based on the American Navy and that the battle in Episode 7 is the Battle of the Coral Sea, which Yorktown survived, albeit with heavy damage.
    • Since the end of the anime essentially confirmed the theory of the Abyssal Fleet being the sunken Kanmusu Come Back Wrong, and it's implied that that specific Wo-Class is Kisaragi another nickname is given for her, veering into Incredibly Lame Pun territory. Spoilered for both the spoiler and the pun: Kisa-Wo-gi
  • Light Cruiser Demon, due to her resembling both Naka and Agano, is known as "Nagano" or "Nakano".
  • Destroyer Princess has been called "Warusame" due to her striking resemblance to Harusame - a Portmanteau of "warui" (bad/evil) and "Harusame", in much the same vein as Wario and Waluigi.
  • Air Defense Princess is often nicknamed "Kitanda" due to her mocking introduction line.
    • Another moniker for Air Defense Princess when she made her debut is "Aegis", named after both the air defense system, and the shield wielded by the Greek god Zeus, which was the namesake for the air defense system. These refer to both her ridiculously high AA stat, and nigh-impenetrable armor, respectively.
  • Battleship Princess is known commonly as Dyson, after the brand of vacuum cleaners, due to their supposed ability to suck up any damage that was supposed to be going towards the flagship abyssal whenever they appear.
    • Their more powerful sibling, the Battleship Water Demon, is called Super Dyson for obvious reasons.
    • Meanwhile, her Summer version (as introduced in the Summer 2016 event) is usually tagged as "Booty Dyson" since the art has her in a Boobs-and-Butt Pose.
  • Aircraft Carrier Princess is frequently called a gatekeeper - or more crudely, a c***blocker - due to often being in the pre-boss battle and sending your fleet home due to critically damaging a ship.
  • "DJ Princess" for Supply Depot Princess, who looks like one due to her massive headphones.
  • Singapore-chan/-hime for Seaport/Harbour Summer Princess due to her position on the map being found on top of a certain little red dot.
  • The PT Imp Pack is also known as PTSD Demon Spawn due to their absurd evasion rate.
  • The Seaplane Tender Water Princess gets the nickname "Darth Teste" due to her resemblance to Commandant Teste. Similarily, French Battleship Princess is nicknamed "Darth Richelieu", seeing as she is Richelieu's Evil Counterpart.
  • Abyssal Rem and Ram for the Abyssal Twin Princesses, due to their striking resemblance to the twin maids Rem and Ram.
  • In the Japanese community, the Entombed Anti-Air Guardian Princess is nicknamed Umaru-chan after her 埋 kanji.
  • Oscar for the elite Ka-class submarine when the player HQ level reaches 80, which can severely damage one of your ships during the opening torpedo attack. With the introduction of new OASW mechanics, ships like Isuzu, or any with 100 or higher ASW stat, would pre-emptively blast Oscar to oblivion.

  • Kuso Teitoku / Shitty Admirals, for the clueless posters that could be found everywhere on the English wiki for the game. Taken from Akebono's in-game nickname for the admiral, the term is used to describe the (usually anonymous) posters who clog up the Recent Updates or Event pages with their posts, usually with questions whose answers should be readily found on the wiki to begin with, whining about how maps, event or otherwise, are "too hard" (despite the fact that advice on how to clear said maps is also on the wiki itself), or worst of all, posts about reckless or apathetic behavior (like not caring whether their ships get sunk, mostly due to their own stupidity). Essentially the game's equivalent to 4chan's "Frodos", or Tomatoes from World of Tanks, and likewise looked down on by more sensible players.
    • Some people would also use this derogatory nickname for admirals who put low-level shipgirls in the first and second slots of their first fleet, then fill the rest with high-level shipsnote , just to deny experience for other admirals in the player-versus-player side of the gamenote .
    • It's also used for players who are incompetent in general, or (in fanarts) admirals who mistreat their ship girls, either for comedy or drama.
    • Speaking of Shitty Admirals, longtime players of the browser game has taken to using the term Wankers (a Mondegreen of the "Weigh Anchor!" line from the Opening Theme of the Anime adaptation) to describe people who have taken interest in KanColle, usually due to the anime, but have yet to play the game.
  • Western fans, both those who actually play and those who only know about the fanon, have rapidly taken to being called "boatfuckers", due in no small part to the abundance of Moe characters and the existence of the marriage mechanic.
    • This reached a high point when various KanColle players started playing World of Warships, often spamming things like Yuudachi's "Poi" in the game chat, annoying the other players greatly.
  • Anything perceived to be a common result from anything, be it drops from nodes or results from crafts, will be termed the "Naka-chan" of that node or craft, due to her ridiculous ubiquity in normal ship crafting. For example, Maruyu is the Naka-chan of large ship construction.
  • "Orel Cruising", which refers to using a team of subs to farm world 2-3 for fuel and ammo, as well as completing daily and weekly quests on the side.
  • The event-exclusive Vanguard formation is often affectionately referred to as "the Spoon" since its shape resembles that of a spoon.
  • "Frontliners" for the admirals who charge into events immediately, sacrificing their resources and sanity to help the rest of the community discover shiplocks, branching requirements and other mechanics.
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  • After the release of Nelson and her special attack known as Nelson Touch, the rest of the Big Seven ships' note  special attacks are nicknamed "*Big Seven* Touch".

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