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While Final Fantasy is no strange to the trope due to its memetic capabilities, Final Fantasy Record Keeper manages to take this Up to Eleven, with so many nicknames and custom terms, to a point its fanbase has a whole dictionary of terms.


    Battle Terms 
  • "Stop/Load" / "S/L": A fan term for the old Save Scumming tactic that involved force-quitting the game, then reloading to restart a battle when the RNG turns against you. Made easier when the pause menu included an option to restart or leave the battle without closing the app.
  • "Deck": An easy term to describe a player's Magicite set.
  • "Chase": Follow-up attacks triggered by Soul Break/Legend Materia effects.
  • "EnElement": Term given to Elemental Infusions. In the same vein, effects that increase vulnerability to an element are called "Imperil".
  • "Entrust Bot" or "Entruster": Specific charactersnote  that have 5★ Support and thus access to Wrath and Entrust, plus a dive with a Haste+Instacast 3 LM2, enabling them to charge characters quickly over the course of the battle.
  • "Chain Holder" or "Chainer": Party members carrying a Chain Soul Break, responsible for primarily boosting the party's DPS, and then either providing support or extra DPS.
    • "Chain Builder": Characters known for being able to rack high hit counts per turn during a Chain, increasing the damage output by other party members. These characters usually have access to Dualcast Legend Materia.
  • "Party Starter": Characters with access to both a buffing Soul Break and Legend Materia that enables their first turns to come fast (Usually Haste+Instacast, or just a Quickcast 3), allowing them to fire their buff with the help of Dr. Mog's Teachings or Mako Might on the first turn. Ramza is the best example of onenote .
  • "Breaker": Characters with skillsets and Soul Breaks centered on stat debuffs. Quite power crept nowadays, but still see some use.
    • "Crusher": A few characters are able to debuff up to 70% of one or more stats with specific Ultra Soul Breaks. These characters still see use even in Magicites due to how potent these stat debuffs are, even against the Magicite's resistances to it. Wol, Wakka, Vaan and Thancred are among the most known examples.
  • "Quickcast", " Hi-Quickcast", "Instacast" or "QC", "HQC" and "IC": Abilities that shorten or outright remove the charging time of abilities for specific periods or turns.
    • "Quickcycle": Certain Soul Breaks allow characters to keep a renewed Quickcast 1 upon using certain types of abilities.
  • "Boostga", "Faithga", "Hastega": Multi-target ability buffs that confer, in that order, boosts to ATK and MAG, and the Haste status. Eventually, the proper Hastega spell got released.
    • "Medica": Multi-target healing in general.
  • "PUG": Pick-Up Groups, or the habit of picking random people to do Multiplayer boss battles.
  • "Deadend": Moves named for the attacks that forcibly end Torment and Dreambreaker battles if you take too long, where the boss you're fighting uses an unavoidable Total Party Kill. Specifically refers to TPK attacks that come up if you take too long.

  • "Maxwu": Given to Minwu because of his first Ultra Soul Break, Enduring Revival, which gives, along with the healing, a 2k HP stock and a 30% Stoneskin to the party, being one of the biggest HP stocks given by a healing Soul Break.
  • "Dingus": Ingus got this nickname for no other reason than just sounding fun.
  • "Decil/Pecil": Due to Cecil Harvey occupying two separate character slots for his Dark Knight and Paladin selves.
  • "Swolebez": Yes, that's still a thing for Golbez. Nope, we still don't have his TAY Wardrobe.
  • "Bartzspam" or "Bartzspammer": How Bartz Klauser got known because of his ability of doing up to six Spellblade attacks in a single turn, discounting the Chases of his Ultras.
    • "Edgarspam": A lesser variant applied to Edgar, as he has access to the same set of Legend Materias as Bartznote .
  • "Greg": Good ol' Gilgamesh Ashur is not going to live down the nickname he got in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • "GogoV" and "GogoVI": How people separate the two playable Gogos.
  • "Cloud Keeper": A jab at the game's blatant favoritism towards Cloud Strife. "Ramza Keeper" is a variation of this applied to Ramza Beoulve.
    • "(Dark) Cloudburst": Reference to how Cloud is a massively powerful Wind/Dark DPS able to solo-DPS D260 bosses. It goes farther. 
      • "Bartzburst" and "Zidaneburst": This happened due to Zidane and Bartz being the only two people able to rival or even surpass Cloud's DPS in his element.
  • "The Kisaragi Laundromat": It became a thing once Yuffie got her first Awakening and Ninjas started getting 6-star abilities that further enhanced DPS. This kit made Yuffie extremely proficient at her job.
  • "Red Tidus": Due to how Auron got introduced in his event, mistakenly labeled as Tidus in a red-bordered font.
  • "Lady Tuna": This is what happens when cellphone typos refuse to let you spell Yuna's name right. Eventually turned into a meme.
    • "PainFish": Due to the Anima Aeon's looks and in combination with the "Lady Tuna" thing, this nickname happened.
  • "Genocide Kid": Marche's detractors still plague him with that nickname.
  • "Conque": Given to Cinque after a few misspelings and given Memetic Mutation. Blends with her fame as a very strong Earth DPS which also got the reputation of being a "Magicite Killer" Explanation .
  • "Sora Cannon": Sora's Awakeningnote  made him so much more powerful that the sheer Memetic Mutation caused him to gain this nickname.
  • "Coffee": Enna Kros' nickname given by GL players due to her love for coffee, despite DeNA's insistent refusal to bring her to the Global side of the game.

    Abilities and Soul Breaks 
  • "Drawtaliate" or "Reta Meta": The infamous Draw Fire/Retaliate strategy, which works as a Disc-One Nuke.
    • "Advantaliate": A version that involves Luneth's Unique, Advance, which gives a 250% ATK boost in exchange for halving his defense.
  • "Ninja Meta": Ninja abilities in general, known for breaking a fight in a variety of ways.
    • "Washing Machine": The abilities Reflecting Pool and Raging Waters, due to the latter's animation involving the Ninja spinning around to form a whirlwind. Due to how the two abilities work, the term applies to its Earth and Dark variants.
  • "Blitzball Abilities": How Sharpshooter abilities were initially known, due to the first ones being Water-elemental and being released in FFX events.
  • "Meatballs": Affectionate Nickname for the Meteor spell.
  • "Voltekka": The end result of DeNA's propositional "Blind Idiot" Translation on the Vortex ability is that Memetic Mutation kicked in. How propositional, do you ask? 
  • "Glint Disaster": This is what happens when Quick Disaster is translated in Global as Flash Disaster: people start playing with the Glint Soul Breaks' original JP name: Flash.
  • "Gonorrhea Blade": When the 6★ Samurai Fire ability came to GL, it was named "Fire-Touched Blade" instead of "Warring Burst" as the community predicted. This created quite a bit of mockery and finally made them question just who is in charge of the translations for the Global version.
  • "Wall": Effects that mirror Tyro's Unique, Sentinel's Grimoirenote . When the 3rd Anniversary brought his third Ultra, Divine Veil Grimoire, it was consequently nicknamed "Godwall" for summing the Unique's buffs to a plethora of other important buffsExtra trivia .
  • "pUSB" and "mUSB": Onion Knight's two first Ultra Soul Breaks, Forbidden Power and Forbidden Wisdom, respectively, as a form of abbreviation.
  • "Helicopter Thingy": Zack's Air Strike Unique Soul Break.
  • "Indonesian Blade": Celes' Indomitable Blade Super Soul Break, invoking Rouge Angles of Satin in a typo.
  • "Brave Ultras" or "BUSB": Ultra Soul Breaks that grant Bravery Mode upon entry, despite not being a new type of Soul Breaks, got that moniker.
  • "Glint+" or "Superglint": Nickname given to the new Glints given by 6★ relics before they even came to the game in JP.
  • "Minichain" or "Generation 0.5 Chain": How the free Chain Soul Breaks given by the Black Fat Chocobo events became called, due to giving only a Chain field equal to a first-generation Chain and nothing else.
  • "TGM": Thunder God's Might, 25 seconds of permanent HQC given by either Orlandeau's Overstrike/Awakening Soul Break, or his Record Materia, Gathering Storm.
  • "DMT" and "MM": Dr. Mog's Teachings and Mako Might, respectively, Record Materias learned by Tyro and Cloud that start the equipped member with a Soul Break's worth of gauge.

  • "Flan Fest 2015" or "Flan Genocide": One of the earliest instances of Peninsula of Power Leveling as shown in the main page.
  • "Soul Breakfasts": Old Soul Break Celebrations. Woe to players who were still "hungry" after these.
  • "Tacticsgate": The infamous Final Fantasy Tactics event that debuted Ramza's Shout SSB and caused tons of drama and backlash due to how poorly planned the banners were on GL, and ended up resulting in a Good Bad Bug that gave players Locke's Valiant Strike SSB as an off-banner. It got bad enough that Forbes covered the incident in an article.
  • "Neo Torment": For the second generation of Torment battles that replaced the old ones.
    • "DWhale" or "Whale Difficulty": The third (D???) difficulty for the Neo Torment battles, known to demand things normally expected from players who use gems to get their relics from selections to stack their characters within a Realm.
    • "Torment Bait": Events that came with the Neo Torments also conspiciously gave characters new relics that fit exactly the situation given by these bosses, even if the character that receives the new stuff may not match the new Soul Break's usual function.
      • "Mirage Bait": Just like Torments, the events that came with the new Mirage Dungeons also gave new relics corresponding to the Mirage fight, and above all else, all these events gave their respective Realm a Chain Soul Break. IX's Mirage even had Steiner's Realm Chain, which had debuted in the 4th Anniversary, reissued.
  • "Trap": Used for banners (occasionally for shop items as well) that look appealing to pull on, but have outdated and undesirable Relics compared to other banners. Banners that come shortly before festivals and offer a discounted draw price as seen as traps that are trying to trick naive players out of their Mythril before the Fest Banners arrive with far superior offerings.
  • "Quinoa": The name given to the Final Fantasy VIII event "The Words That Started It All", due to Quistis and Rinoa being the main featured characters in the banner (along with Squall, who had gotten his second Ultra in there as well). The event is remarkable for giving Rinoa many important tools, and Quistis getting her dive (a Haste+Instacast 3), and the Kingsguard USB.
  • "Bomb Fest": A derisive nickname given to the 2018 Glory Feast festival, due to the introduction of the controversial banner model during that time involving the removal of two banner items and essentially turning those two "empty" slots into an offbanner item with the restriction that it could be any relic for the characters featured in the banner, which received enough backlash for DeNA to change it in Global by not implementing the off-banner system and adding a 6★ and a 5★ item belonging to another character in that realm to the banners until the banner where the banner format was reverted back to its previous form in Japan.

  • "Globallers": A highly derisive term used by JP players to describe GL players.
  • "Stat Sticks": Formerly given to Rod and Staff relics since many existed only to boost the stats for mage characters. Nowadays used to describe Soul Break relics that serve no current purpose other than boosting a character's stat upon mastery.
  • "The Mythril Mines": Realm Dungeons, due to their expansive, enormous stock of mythril for starting players.
  • "The Gau Tier": This is how bad Gau was due to being massively unreliable as a character before he got his Ultra.
  • "Dagger's Dagger of Dagger": Garnet's "Dagger of Resolve" relic, which gives her first Burst, playing on her nickname from Final Fantasy IX.
  • "Rainbows": 5★ relic orbs as shown in Relic Draws. 6★ ones are known as "Discos" due to their distinct pattern.
  • "Sundaily": Throughout the game's run, Sunday is a special day for the Daily Dungeons and likely to be a desirable time to run them as much as possible..
  • "Kwehdnsday": Because up until the Gysahl Shop update, it was the day the shop renewed its stock, bringing Stamina Potions, Major Orbs and a mythril.
  • "Rainbow Poop": In view of the coming of the Artifact Weapons, players started giving this nickname to any relic that is 4★ or below, as they only serve as fuel for acquiring Rainbow Crystals needed for the upgrade of such weapons.
    • "Pooping" or "Sharding": How people started calling the conversion of gear into Rainbow Crystals. The latter appeared when the Artifact Weapons came to Global.


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