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Since Final Fantasy is a very long and popular franchise, it couldn't not get a big number of fan-made terms and nicknames.

Final Fantasy II

  • Doutei - Originally a Japanese fan nickname for Firion. "Doutei" literally translates to "virgin." (It also rhymes with "koutei," the title of that game's Big Bad). Recently, some corners of English fandom have begun using "doutei" or similar to refer to Firion—and even in those parts that don't use it, the sentiment remains.
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  • Fish Mountain: Nickname for the fish-shaped mountain encountered while approaching Salamand.
  • Ambush closet: The doors in dungeons that lead to tiny dead end rooms with nothing in them except a huge encounter rate.

Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

  • Monk Anderson, Brown, and Coleman - The three generic Monks that join Yang in his tale, with the notion that the letter in their names is in fact their surname (e.g. Monk A as Monk Anderson). Monk Coleman is jokingly treated as a Memetic Badass within the fandom.
  • Guard Ashley, Bruce, and Campbell - The three generic Guards that join Edward in his tale, for the same reason. Also a Shout-Out to Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series.

Final Fantasy V

  • NED: NeoExdeath, via Fun with Acronyms.
  • Cutezerker: Krile as a Berserker, since she looks like she's wearing tiger-themed pajamas.
  • Pajama Mage/Santa Mage: Geomancer outfits are very comfortable looking and feature Santa-esque Nice Hats.

Final Fantasy VII

  • The Complication - The Compilation Of Final Fantasy VII. Usually used derogatorily by the fans who lump the sequels and prequels into the Fanon Dis Continuity bin, but can be used as an affectionate tease by Compilation fans who aren't too Fan Dumb to accept that Final Fantasy VII canon has more than a few plot holes.
  • Sephiroth's Estrogen Brigade stereotypically calls him "Sephy".
  • Cloudo and Cloudster seem to have sprung up lately.
    • Also 'Spiky', for obvious reasons.
    • Some parts of the fandom like to mock Cloud's melodramatic name by using synonyms, like "Mist Conflict", "Fog Discord", "Puff Trouble", "Veil Fighting", and so on.
  • The Mommy Box - The black box with JENOVA's... er... slime in it.
  • Mr. T - Barret for obvious reasons.
  • The Hobo Vampire - Vincent
  • Moogle Girl / Moogle Kid - The unnamed girl with the moogle doll in Advent Children
  • SHM (Silver-Haired Men) to refer to Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo.
  • Vinny for Vincent. Cid calls him "Vince" a couple times in Dirge of Cerberus, though.
  • Aerith Gainthborough, called this by fans who disapprove of the retcon to her name's spelling and pronunciation, which to some, sounds like lisping. Or Aeristh.
  • Miboujin ("widower") is used in Japanese fandom to refer to the Advent Children version of Cloud, because he wears mourning dress and has "widower energy". Sephiroth also says he's Cloud's "master", but the word used here (goshujin) also means "husband", so if he's dead then Cloud is a widower.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • Don Corneo received the nickname "Don Joker" due to his voice actor sounding like Mark Hamill's version of the character.
  • "Rebuild of Final Fantasy VII" has become a moniker due to how the game practically swerves from the original plotline, much like how Rebuild of Evangelion did to its original show.
  • As soon as they realized what they were, the users of 4chan quickly started calling the Whispers of Fate things like Time Ghosts, Time Jannies, Changebad Ghosts, Nazgûl, Dementors, and many other similar names.
  • Chadley has been dubbed "Discount Hope Estheim", due to his very similar appearance to the latter.
  • "Chairith" for when Aerith cheerfully smashes a folding chair wrestling-style over Don Corneo's goons, due to it being hilarious and clashing with Aerith's reputation for sweetness.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Captain Facepalm - Squall.
  • Galbadian Missile Crisis - The part of Disc II where the Gardens are attacked by missiles, with Selphie's party trying to prevent a second strike and Squall's having to fight through a civil war in Balamb Garden before they can even come up with countermeasures.

Final Fantasy X

  • Teedus - Tidus. This is apparently the correct way to pronounce his name, at least according to Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts (but Kingdom Hearts II got inconsistent and went with "Tie-dus") and an interview with his voice actor James Arnold Taylor.
    • Also known as Tedious for obvious reasons.
    • Also simply known as "HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Guy" for the infamous laughing scene.
  • Kitty, Fuzzball - Kimahri.
  • The Dumb Jock - Wakka.

Final Fantasy XI

  • Krini - A Real Money Trade misspelling of an iconic endgame boss.
  • Genfat, Gaybu, Genboob - Genbu, one of the easiest endgame bosses ever (so much so that a few jobs can solo it).
  • Fafhogg - A name shared by the monsters that spawn in one endgame area.
  • Dienamis - Dynamis, where it's very common for a wipe to occur.
  • Garbage Shitadel - Garlaige Citadel, a dungeon that somehow manages to be a popular leveling spot despite the fact that enemy spawns are far too close together, which often causes parties to to be attacked by multiple enemies.
  • Manthra - A male player who plays as a Mithra, the (almost) all-female catgirl race.
  • Sky - Tu'lia, an endgame area that looks like a flying castle.
  • Sea - The Lumoria region, an endgame area that contains monsters that look similar to Jellyfish and Manta Rays.
  • Blank's Aery - Any overcrowded camp by replacing the word "Blank" with whatever is being camped (Colibri's aery, Ullikummi's aery, etc.). Named after Dragon's Aery, which is famous for being overcrowded due to the Dragon that spawns there dropping the Ridill, a sword usable by six jobs that has a frequently occurring chance of additional attacks in a given attack round. And it is the source much Loot Drama — to the extent that other powerful, contested low-drop items may be called Ridills.
  • Laggate - Aht Urhgan Whitegate, the central "hangout zone" for players, so called because it's common to see several hundred players there during prime time, leading to lots of, well, lag.
  • Crotch Hearts - When The Beastmaster class uses Charm on a monster, they launch a heart... from their crotch. I suppose that's ONE way of taming an animal...
  • Buttersheep - Warrior with White Mage subjob. Refers to a hypothetical situation where a mad sheep can choose a subjob, and has the choices of Shark, Elephant, or Butterfly. Despite the other job's advantages, he chooses butterfly.
    • To further elaborate - many newbies assume that having Warrior as a main job to kill monsters, and White Mage subjob to heal themselves, would make them invincible. It doesn't.
  • Ghetto Paladin - another name for Warrior/White Mage, which takes the point of view that said combo is attempting to be a cheap substitute for a paladin.
  • Noob Dunes - alternate name for Valkurm Dunes. Valkurm Dunes is a region populated by monsters between level 15 and level 30, which is about the point where you can't solo effectively anymore and have to join a party. Cue horrible Total Party Kill because a newbie player, unused to party play, screws something up epically. Alternate names: The Dunes, Noobland, Hell.
  • MGS - a character, especially a White Mage, sneaking around a dungeon populated by monsters many levels higher than he is, and that can probably one-hit kill him, using sneaking and invisibility spells.
  • WHM Airlines - White Mage Airlines, from the White Mage teleporting spells. Many White Mages work as teleporters in order to round up a bit their gil income, some even setting up macros with airplane-like announcements like "We thank you for choosing White Mage Airlines, please fasten your seatbelts and keep your arms and legs inside the teleporting field at all times..."
  • Rat, Glowing Rat, Radioactive Rat, Pikachu, Carbychu, Carby - Carbuncle, the first Summon a Summoner gains.
  • Blink Tank - A Ninja (normally a quite fragile job) tanking via high Dodge combined with Utsusemi.
  • Pimp Hat - The Warlock's Chapeau, the Artifact hat for Red Mages.
    • Pimp Suit - is a popular nickname for the full Red Mage Artifact Armor set.

Final Fantasy XII

  • Vaan from has quite a few relating to the fact that Dude Looks Like a Lady, being a standout example of the pretty boy protagonists that the Final Fantasy games have had. Most simply point out his physical resemblance to either Meg Ryan, Ellen Degeneres, or Gackt.

Final Fantasy XIII

  • Superpope - Galenth Dysley, that man with the owl.
    • Alternatively: Pope Palpatine
  • LeBron James - Sazh Katzroy.
  • The "Motordyke" - Shiva's transformation, which consists of the Shiva sisters forming a motorcycle by entwining their legs around each other.
  • Scissoring Sisters - Who else? The Shiva Sisters
  • Chocofro - the chocobo hatchling that nests in Sazh's hair.
    • Or Frocobo.
    • Sazh is sometimes called Chocobro to accompany this.
  • "Medieval Hooker Barbie"—Lightning, mainly from her Goddess outfit in 13-2, considered stupid by many a player.
    • "Girl Not-Cloud."
  • Bunny / Bhunny / Bunnybells - Bhunivelze, the supreme god and supreme Jerkass of the FFXIII metaseries.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Derplander — The male midlander warrior used as a stand-in for the PC in cutscenes, promotional material, etc.
  • Tin can (armor) — Derogatory term for a specific kind of heavy armor type that inescapably covers the PC completely in metal plate (face included) and is considered very ugly.
  • pity buff — The Power of the Echo, a buff only available in certain fights that increases some stats by a certain percentage...and is unlocked by wiping your first couple of attempts.
  • Pony / Ponies — the various elemental unicorns (Aithon, Gullfaxi, Xanthos, Nightmare, etc.) that drop off of the Extreme mode Primals.
    • This extends to "birds/bribs" and "doggos" for the Heavensward and Stormblood equivalents respectively.
  • Ser Charizard — Ser Charibert, due to it being a play off his name and the fact that he uses lots of fire magic during his boss fight.
  • The game itself is called "Catgirls Online" (mostly on Tumblr), due to... well, the Miqo'te.
  • Greenleaf, sprout, sproutling — New players - though usually not noobs - called such due to the green sprout symbol that newly created characters have next to their names.
  • Potatoes/Popotoes — A mostly-affectionate nickname for the Lalafell.
  • Bard Mode: The Minstrel's Ballad trials, a play on "hard mode" as they're very difficult end-game bosses.
  • Grumpyjumpy: And variants thereof for Estinien Wyrmblood for his signature skill as a dragoon and his generally sour demeanor.
  • Mooncat - A Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te.
    • Suncat - A Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te.
  • Due to the amount of ability names with similar roles/effects/etc., players who play multiple jobs likely don't learn the name of the ability if the name itself is something more complicated than say "Fire II." They usually refer it to either the number in the sequence of their combo or by the ability's effect.
  • Mechanics tend to take on nicknames, since often times they have no name or future iterations of the mechanic play out the same, regardless of that instance's name for it.
    • If the same or similar mechanic appears in a later fight, it usually has the name of the first instance that used it. For example, a mechanic where circle AOEs are dropped in succession around and in the center of the arena is known as "Shiva Circles" because Shiva is the first instance to use it. Ironically though, every instance that uses Shiva Circles does it in reverse.
    • Table Flip — Mountain Buster, an attack used by Titan whose animation looks like he's flipping an invisible table.
    • In an interesting one, the first boss of the Ridorana Lighthouse raid, Famfirt, has an attack called "Tide Pod", which is a tank buster. However, there's an unnamed attack he does where he launches pots that float above the arena, spouting water towards the ground. This attack is called "Tide Pod" instead. It doesn't help that this raid launched during the "Tide Pod Challenge" debacle.
    • A mechanic where there's a red triangle pointing down at your character requiring you to stay close to another player marked as such is called the "Doritos Mechanic," as in "share the Doritos."
  • Minifilia - The young teen girl named Minfilia in shadowbringers who is the sort of reincarnation of the original Minfilia.

Final Fantasy XV

  • Chocobros - the party.
  • One-Winged Asshole - Ardyn.
  • Gladdy Daddy - Gladio.
  • Plumpto - Prompto when he used to be fat.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Type-0

  • Card-kun for the Ace, before name had been revealed, since he wields tarot cards as his weapon.
    • This also spawned the various Weaponname-kun/chan titles for the rest of the cast.

Dissidia Final Fantasy


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