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If I have to animate another decapitation sequence, I'm going to scream.

Remember Tokyo Babylon and X1999? "Oh CLAMP," you said, "between the gratuitous homoeroticism and the gratuitous heterochromaticism, you're tugging on my heart strings! This pain, it is beautiful and terrible."

This fic is the same, only even worse.

The premise of CLAMP's manga and anime X/1999 puts the Apocalypse in the hands of a fifteen year-old boy, Shirou Kamui. His choice between saving humanity and saving the planet is complicated by his own indecision, his own lack of information. Epic is an Alternate Universe Fic by Mithrigil that updates the situation—what if Kamui had been given ten additional years, to make an informed decision?


Given that premise, it's no wonder Epic takes the Darker and Edgier route. Gone are The Woobie and the concept of breaking the cutie: with the youngest member of the central cast a twenty-four year old animator, this is definitely not a story about people pretending to be ordinary high school students while saving the world. It also directly challenges the concept of Too Soon, discussing terrorism in a directed political fashion.

Epic is complete and can be read here.


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