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Fan Fic / Witchcraft Pretty Cure

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Witchcraft Pretty Cure is a Pretty Cure Elsewhere Fic project by Cure_Shabon. It's unusual in that it fuses the Magical Girl Warrior set-up that is typical of the franchise with the more traditional Cute Witch archetype, and also includes truckloads of Gratuitous Latin.

Millennia ago, an evil sorceress known as Auguratricis Tenebris Nyx and her minions, the Night Demons, attempted to take over the realm of Magicia, but wind up entombed by its queen, Auguratricis Lucis Diana, in the then-undeveloped realm of Humania, otherwise known as Earth. In the present day, though, they are accidentally freed by a passing-through nomad and plan to continue their mission. Knowing this, Diana sends her three apprentices to Humania and grants them the power to transform into legendary sorceress warriors known as Pretty Cure.


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