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The work of one Beacon515L, We, Who Suggest Ourselves is an Ivalice Alliance fanfic. It concerns the life and times of Liam Malheur-Randell, a trained organist and engineer; Samantha, his sister and adoptive daughter, and; Edgar Burkhalter, a theoretical physicist with an aversion to competence. An experiment gone horribly wrong (or not) carries the three across a rift in the fabric of space-time, depositing them in Ivalice. Thoroughly lost, the two siblings essentially flounder about until sheer happenstance lands them with semi-permanent lodgings, food and later work; the third falls into the lower castes of society and tries to build up from there.


Little do any of them know that they are but one part of an elaborate ruse, an age-old plan left since Ivalice's earliest days.

The fic began life as the backstory to Beacon's cameo appearance in an abandoned (and since revived) fan-project. In the wake of the project's abandonment, Beacon expanded the story extensively, intending to encompass the entirety of the former project's plot and preserve it as fanfic. It quickly took its own direction and became thoroughly shaped by various Gothic novels and French literature, combined with somewhat ridiculous amounts of research and finesse. The result is... length. Much of it. Even now, barely three chapters in.

The fic can be read here:

This page was created (and is largely maintained) by the author, and serves in part as way of organizing his notes. As the fanfic is still in progress, expect some speculation, retcon and of course, spoilers.


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