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Vanishing Dragon of Leviathan is a High School D×D fanfiction written by Shirou Fujimura (author), an OC-Insert with a mix of AU elements.

Shirou Fujimura used to be a normal, healthy teenager as well as the best friend of Issei Hyoudou since childhood, the two practically brothers in everything but blood. His life was good. He was smart, strong, and very popular with the ladies. He knew his and Issei's lives were supposed to be simple. They were both supposed to live normal lives, get normal educations, perhaps someday give up the foolish notions of building their own harems (although Shirou was more well-off than the other) and settled down with nice girls. It would have been nice...It could have gone on forever.


Then some S&M-wearing Fallen Angel came and messed everything up.

If Issei thought being resurrected by a Devil was crazy enough, then what would that make Shirou being resurrected by a Maou?

Resurrected by the Maou Serafall Leviathan, Shirou is thrust into the world of Devils and Angels among other mythical beings, beings he only heard of in myths and stories. And quite a few of them want to rip his head off!

As the story unravels, more and more secrets are revealed and Shirou will be confronted with the truth of the tragedy that has haunted his heart for ten years. Secrets, romance, friendship, comedy, pain, and betrayal alike will be revealed...

And Shirou's bloodline will return him to its origin.

The fanfic has been removed from the authors account along with all of his other fics, and is as such considered a Dead Fic.


Tropes found in this fanfiction:

  • Alternate Universe Fic - Protagonist Shirou whose birth came from several changes to the original story's past is a result of this. Since Satan, the creator of the Devils, shacked up and introduced a new possible timeline, the current storyline in which Shirou exists as his great-grandson and where new possibilities are available.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation - Serafall, Sona, and several characters who nobody pays attention to most of the time in fanfiction such as members of the Student Council.
  • An Arm and a Leg - Happen to Shirou during the first fight against Kokabiel, losing his left arm.
  • Beyond the Impossible - During the battle against Kokabiel, Shirou wields Excalibur Destruction, much to everyone's shock. Keep in mind that Shirou is not a holy sword wielder, he's a devil, and he would have been killed from just wielding it.
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  • Big Damn Heroes - Everyone gets to be these at one point or another in this story.
  • Boy Meets Girl - Shirou meets Serafall. Serafall apparently stalked Shirou. Shirou becomes Serafall's servant after his first death. All there is to it.
  • Chick Magnet - Shirou, sometimes intentionally, other times not-so-much.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle - In the third story arc, when Kokabiel is initially on top when it comes to this and later when Shirou (possessed by Satan) completely reverses their situations, easily reducing Kokabiel to less than ashes.
  • Dark and Troubled Past - His mother was murdered by a family member
  • Darker and Edgier - Unexpectedly, the fourth arc is building up this. To clarify, the three leaders of their respective faction decided to executed him because he's the descendant of Satan himself. Its get worse from there, as during the confrontation against the terrorist, it reveal that Shirou's older sister is the mole herself.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect? - Despite his successes and considerable strength, Shirou is always on the receiving end of everyone's BS due to the many "technical losses" he's suffered prior to the fourth story arc.
  • Gender Flip - Kiba, Vali, and Gasper
  • Heroic BSoD - Oh, this is Shirou so many times that it becomes funny (in a tragic way). This also includes Issei to an extent.
  • He's Back - During the third story arc, Shirou almost gives up during the hopeless battle against Kokabiel until receiving a second wind by an annoyed Xenovia, getting back to his feet and giving Kokabiel a beatdown.
  • Near-Rape Experience - In this case, Ravel being the attacker and Shirou, under threats and blackmail, as the victim until Ravel, angsting because a misunderstanding in which Ravel arrived at the wrong moment and heard the wrong words, believing Shirou was using her.
  • Original Character - The Protagonist, Shirou Fujimura.
  • Rule of Cool - Seriously, this might be responsible for Shirou wielding A EXCALIBUR OF ALL THE WEAPON HE COULD USE!!
  • Shout-Out - When he's about to awaken his sacred gear, he though about [[Shirou Emiya.]]
  • Spared By Adaptation - Raynare and her co. was spare thank to Shirou, with the punishment of being serve as their maids.

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