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Unshakable is a Fruits Basket Fan Fic written by Akito the Sex Goddess.

The fic centers on the relationship between Shigure and Akito after the events of the manga, as they get married and start a family.

The fic has two sequels, Silence and Horizon.

Note: As the fic is set after the events of the manga, all spoilers regarding the manga's end will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Unshakable' and its sequels contain examples of the following tropes:


  • Adult Fear: The first chapter of Horizon ends with the stillbirth of Shigure and Akito's second child.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: In chapter 5 of Unshakable, Tohru tearfully calls Ren out for her callousness towards Akito, unable to understand how Ren could hate someone she gave birth to. Ren appears genuinely moved for a second before brushing it off.
    Tohru: You speak of your child... as if she were a stranger. How can you... hate someone... that you bore from your womb? That person should be special to you. Even more so that... your husband is dead...
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: Briefly discussed and defied. When Akito reveals her pregnancy in chapter 3 of Unshakable, Shigure has no doubt in his mind that the baby is his, but also recalls that Akito also tended to spite him by sleeping with Kureno. Already knowing what Shigure is thinking, Akito confirms that she's pregnant with his child, stating that she's "not like that anymore."
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  • Their First Time: As revealed in chapter 6, Akito lost her virginity to Shigure when she was 14 and Shigure was 21.

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