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Touhou Monogatari ("Oriental Tales") is the collected name for the Touhou fanfictions authored by xm0123. They are all a part of the same Fan Verse.

It currently has three stories:

A Touhou Fanfiction About Nothing, a series of short stories that, true to its title, are not of any large consequence.

Mentor and Protege, a re-imagining of the PC-98 Touhou games.

Eternal Blossom, a one-shot story about Yukari Yakumo's past.


It is a work in progress, and other parts to Touhou Monogatari are in the conceptual stages. It follows the original Touhou canon as closely as possible, but also takes a few Acceptable Breaks from Canon when necessary. As for the tropes it follows, I, xm0123, will leave the Wiki Magic to list that for me, but I will at the very least start off with the most obvious trope.

This Fanfic provides examples of:

  • Fanon: This is a given, considering that it is a fan's interpretation of the Touhou canon.
  • Take That!: "Are you implying that just because I'm female I'm somehow a dainty little frail thing that's more concerned with outward appearance and looking 'cute' than acting as Yuyuko-sama's assistant? Well I can assure you that not only are you wrong in your assertion, but I find it very ironic that you, a fellow female, would insinuate such a thing. Perhaps it is you who is what Yukari-sama likes to call a 'Moe Blob.'"
    • Truly, this is a Take That! towards some of of Touhou. Really.
  • Secret Relationship: Yukari and Yuyuko in Eternal Blossom

Most tropes from the source material also apply to Touhou Monogatari.


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