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Tomorrow's Doom is an ongoing Katawa Shoujo fanfic starring Aiko Kurai, the invented class representative of room 3-1. Taking responsibility for helping the surly Hisao adjust to the new school, she drags him to the Yamaku Festival, and their relationship eventually blossoms into romance. However, can Aiko trust him with a grim secret about the future she can never have?

Tomorrow's Doom contains examples of:

  • All Just a Dream
    • The April Fool's chapter.
    • Chapter 42, when Hisao marries Iwanako... which turns out to be an anxiety-fueled nightmare.
  • Ascended Extra: Aiko's place in Yamaku is spawned from a walk-on nameless character who breezes into room 3-3 to discuss something with Shizune during Act 1.
  • Badass Baritone: Hisao is depicted as possessing this quality of voice in intimate or reflective moments. It may only be perceived by Aiko.
  • Better as Friends: Aiko and Kenta went on a date in their first year, which revealed they were entirely too similar for a romantic relationship, but they're still good friends.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: Aiko speaks fluent Japanese, and learned JSL in order to communicate better with her primarily deaf/partially deaf classmates. This allows her to both interpret for others, and share clandestine conversations with certain characters.
    • Early in the story, she talks with Shizune in front of Hisao using sign language.
    • Later, after Hisao learns JSL, she communicates with Hisao in sign while on the phone with her mother.
  • Breakfast Club: The primary cast consists of varying degrees of social outcasts, up to and including the asocial foreign girl, the brooding writer, the gregarious manipulator, and the foot-in-mouth sardonic.
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  • Bungled Suicide: although she avoids saying it outright, even in her Internal Monologue, Aiko believes that Yoko may have been attempting suicide on the morning of Tanabata.
  • Camp Straight: Satoru Miyoto, the owner of the secret dress shop, "Soliloquy", omits his being heterosexual so his female clients are more comfortable with his work.
  • Character Tics: Several characters possess mannerisms unique to their personalities.
    • Aiko consistently gives away her thoughts through facial expressions.
    • Amaya walks with her thumbs holding her backpack straps.
    • Hisao strokes his chest scar when he's nervous.
    • Tadao sits in a strangely uncomfortable position at his desk.
    • Kenta speaks with dramatic flair and lots of sarcasm.
    • Yoko possesses unusual poise, and a straight-backed gait. (a result of her ballet lessons)
    • Naoko's signing is interpreted as being bombastic and filled with tildes.
  • Closet Geek: Yoko appears as the typical girlie girl with an affinity for fashion, but underneath the rigid grace lurks a fantasy aficionado, jazz nerd, and gamer geek.
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  • Covert Pervert: Despite her image as a prude - Emi calls her as much - Aiko has quite the wandering mind, and is prone to strolling through the gutter on occasion, as do a number of her friends.
  • Disappeared Dad: Part of Aiko's backstory involves her father suffering from dementia due to having Huntington's Disease, and his eventual death in April 2006 - ~1 year before the story begins.
  • Divergence Fic: Though it starts prior to the actual point of divergence, the tale is purported to have a single deviation mark from the original Act 1, in which Hisao is volunteered by the Student Council to help Aiko with some pre-festival financial planning.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Amaya can make quite a fuss about people treating her like a porcelain doll because of her epilepsy.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Numerous terms of endearment crop up over the course of the tale. Most notably:
    • Due to her propensity for napping at all times of the day, Aiko's mom still calls her "Kitten". Frequent use has dulled the insult over the years—it's said lovingly, not maliciously—but she doesn't let anyone else call her that, not even Hisao or Amaya.
    • Following an incident during the Yamaku Festival, Hisao gets dubbed "The Swooner", and it sticks.
    • Yoko, due to her appearance, gets referenced as "Red" and "Jessica Rabbit", and her father calls her "Jellybean", of which she isn't terribly fond.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In chapter two, "In Your Dreams", Aiko flies into an embarrassingly loud tirade about embracing the upcoming festival that is rooted in her knowledge that life is short.
  • Expanded Universe: Despite being based on and containing appearances and or references to almost the entire original cast and locations, this fiction builds onto the Katawa Shoujo universe by adding detail to the class structure, building facilities, and even transplants material from other non-canonical fictions like The Beijing restaurant that appears in Scissorlips' Pseudo-Pseudo Suzu Route. It also introduces almost a complete classroom of students that populate Aiko's homeroom, some security personnel, and an overqualified lifeguard to the Yamaku experience.
  • Fleeting Passionate Hobbies: Hisao's expanded back story indicates this kind of behavior, and it becomes a worry point for Aiko, who wonders if he might get bored with her.
  • Formerly Fat: Aiko was a chubby child prior to puberty, and that, among other things, caused friction with her schoolmates. It left her with some mild body issues that contributes to her tomboyish behavior.
  • For Want of a Nail: Throughout the story, peripheral characters who perhaps had starring roles in the source material or other fanon derivations are shown to have walked down very different paths.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Aiko and Shizune spend much of the second act trying to one-up each other in pursuit of Hisao's affections.
  • Gamer Girl: Somewhat of a tomboy for this and other reasons, Aiko is transitioning toward a more standard girlish personality - painting her toenails, getting dressed up for a date, wearing makeup - but she still retains many of her boyish mannerisms and hobbies. Their root runs deep, and is part of her strong connection to her deceased father, so they probably won't ever disappear completely.
  • Genki Girl: Despite being deaf/mute, Naoko's presence can go from completely unnoticed to unbearably obvious - she is described as a silent Emi.
  • I Call Him "Mister Happy": Aiko calls her breasts "Masa" and "Mune", and refers to Hisao's penis as "Little Swooner".
  • Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone: During the beach outing, everyone decides to go out for a walk and leave Yoko and Kenta alone in the bungalow, expecting the two to hit it off. And they do.
  • Lethal Chef: Despite her mother being a trained chef, Aiko has trouble getting water to boil, and has caused two separate kitchen fires—one of which got her banned from using the girls' dorm kitchen.
  • Neat Freak: Perhaps the result of frequent hospitalization, or her overprotective parents, Amaya keeps her room in absolute order.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Despite not having seen him for almost a year, and loving him dearly - or perhaps because of that fact - Aiko couldn't bring herself to visit her father as he lay in hospice, and didn't see him until the funeral.
  • Nice to the Waiter: Ina Kurai (Aiko's mom) is wealthy enough not to, but still makes a point of getting to know people's names, and holds back from complaining about minor inconveniences.
  • Not a Morning Person: Aiko is prone to this behavior, though if she wakes in a particularly good situation, she can overlook the bright sun and smiles in favor of enjoying the moment.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: When Aiko encounters Saki, whom she knows to suffer from a similarly life-shortening condition, she observes that the blond Fashionista exibits many of the sullen, bitchy traits she once possessed, but took them a different direction - using the condition to garner peer sympathy instead of hiding it like leprosy.
  • Original Character: The canon characters are severely outnumbered in this fanfic. Only Shizune and Misha feature heavily, but exist as tertiary characters most of the time.
  • Past Experience Nightmare: Aiko suffered several traumatic moments in her youth, including a near-drowning, being a classroom punchline, and her father's awful disease and eventual death. These events, along with knowledge of future pains to come, fuel several recurring nightmares—all of which she keeps to herself.
  • Present Absence: Hisao leaves for summer break at the end of act 3, and his absence becomes a driving force behind Aiko's actions in act 4.
  • Retail Therapy: Numerous occasions spring up where Aiko ends up out shopping with various friends for different reasons, and although she dislikes the activity outwardly, she ends up feeling better after the experiences, although her improved mood has little to do with buying things.
  • Skunk Stripe: Aiko is deaf in her left ear, and, under the pretense of indicating that to casual observers, has bleached a strip of hair from the temple over that same ear.
  • Ten Minutes in the Closet: Amaya and Tadao have a fight during Tanabata, the aftermath of which drags on for so long that Aiko and Hisao conspire to lock them up in a shed until they make up.
  • The Fashionista: Less obvious due to school uniforms and natural shyness, not to mention being a Closet Geek, Yoko is highly adept with fashion and materials, though she lacks the typically vapid personality disorder.
  • Title Drop: In chapter 18.
  • Troll: Kenta is renowned for his fits of sarcasm, and he consistently makes comments that others would leave locked in their furtive minds, often resulting in physical harm coming his way in for form of kicks, slaps, and thrown pillows.
  • Twice Shy: Amaya and Tadao, until Aiko decides that enough is enough and nudges the pair toward each other.
  • Unusual Euphemism: "Happy valley" as a term for female genitalia.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Aiko's inherited case of Huntington's Disease is a major source of anxiety for her, especially where her relationship with Hisao is concerned.