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The Nobody of Ever After High is a Fan Fic done by author Cloud4012, crossing over with the Kingdom Hearts Series and Ever After High, with elements from Monster High and other franchises. It started out on January 19th of 2018, and is an ongoing series.

The Synopsis is as follows:

All Roxas wanted was to exist, once he merged with Sora he thought his journey was over. Now he is pulled into a world where the children of fairy tales can choose their destiny. Will this Nobody finally find what he is looking for and what surprises will this new life have for him? Roxas has faced many challenges, but Ever After High is nothing like anything he's ever faced.

The Story serves as an expansion on Roxas as he journeys to Ever After High, and travels through Worlds like Sora to prevent them from falling into darkness. Several Worlds are adapted from Kingdom Hearts III and even Non-Disney. Events at Ever After High are expanded upon, either based from the Specials and Webisodes or all original. It is also an expansion of the Dark Seeker Arc. It is an ongoing series, seventy-six Chapters completed within the first year.


A trailer on YouTube, by SuperHeroTimeFan, aka on YouTube as SuperHeroTime27 has been released for the Story. Link here.

This story provides examples of:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: In Chapter 70, Kuzcotopia, Kuzco can't help but laugh at Roxas naming his new Keyblade Emperor Llama, saying he deserved it.
    • The same response goes for the VKs when Roxas dubs his new Keyblade as No Rest For The Wicked.
  • Adaptational Badass: Pretty much every student from EAH, all strong enough to fight against the Heartless, Unversed, Nobodies, and Organization XIII.
    • Ashlynn, Namine and Alistair become Keyblade Wielders. Namine is the only one with a new Keyblade not seen in the games.
      • They also make the unofficial Ever After High Trio.
    • Dexter is now well-versed in the use of firearms.
    • Blondie gets a laser-shooting MirrorPad, plus her own Limit Break.
      • Even gets in on the action with Lizzie's cards in "Pixie Hollow" courtesy of a "Freaky Friday" Flip
    • Cedar gets the brush from Epic Mickey.
    • Hopper gets a shield and grappling gun that makes him a match for Dr. Facilier.
    • Sparrow, of all people, not only fights the Sheriff with nothing but his guitar, but becomes a skilled archer.
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    • Apple and Briar become mages, using staffs previously used by Donald.
    • Poppy and Holly O'Hair fight with frying pans. Poppy eventually gains the same healing hair as Rapunzel.
    • Lizzie is armed with a croquet mallet at first before switching to cards from the Wizard, Merlin that almost match the ones Luxord uses.
      • Additionally, she gets an arm blade in battle.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: Darling in canon is heavily implied to be bisexual, especially as she was the one who woke Apple up with a kiss and was implied to be her Prince Charming. In the fic, Roxas is the one who wakes apple up and is her Prince Charming, and Darling is unambiguously part of Roxas's harem. No hint is ever given of Darling being attracted to girls.
  • Adaptational Villainy: EAH Snow White, but not an actual villain.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Of both Ever After High and Kingdom Hearts, the former especially following the end of the series in 2016.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Almost every member of Organization XIII have their real names (Xigbar is Braig, Saix is Isa, Vexen is Even).
  • Adapted Out: Most songs from the movies used are replaced with new ones or are not used at all.
    • Gus is absent from Chapter 25, A Twist In Time.
    • Trigger and Nutsy are absent from Chapter 26, Sherwood Forest.
    • Myrtle is not seen in Kauai, the events of Leroy & Stitch.
    • Bucky the Squirrel is replaced by Pete in Kuzcotopia (The Emperor's New Groove)
    • Crystal's Big-Lipped Alligator Moment during the "Epic Winter" events is replaced with Roxas saving everyone from falling asleep. This is possibly due to the fact that the author could not be able to describe the way the music video went, especially if Roxas were to be in it.
    • Most of the confrontation with Natsu and Jiemma in Chapter 106 due to the focus being on the Hearts of Light and the Warrior of Light.
    • In Auradon, Lonnie is cut out entirely. Subverted when she shows up next Chapter.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Roxas and the Forever After Fighters plan to prevent the Keyblade War from restarting. Due to the nature of the games, it seems they can only prolong it.
    • Roxas leaves EAH after being threatened with an And I Must Scream imprisonment in Chapter 64, but returns in Chapter 65.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different: Chapter 120, Kanon Town, was worded entirely longer than any other World Chapter, and not written like how Cloud4012 would write a Chapter. This was due to it being written by another author, WinxStarDracoFire, who had been written out the World for Cloud4012.
  • Arc Words: Starting from Chapter 77, from KH3, "May Your Hearts Be Your Guiding Keys".
  • Ascended Meme: The "Roxas, That's A Stick Meme" from 358/2 Days is shown when the first two new Keyblades are made from sticks. Namine fights Vanitas with a stick in Chapter 17 before it turns into her personal Keyblade, and Ashlynn's Stroke of Midnight is made from a wooden staff, essentially a larger stick.
  • Big Bad: Of course, the True Organization XIII and Maleficent.
    • Jiemma seems to be this for the GMG Arc.
  • Breather Episode: Occasionally between all World Mega Chapters.
  • Brick Joke: The Nobody Names are brought up again in Chapter 106, where Lappex, Vernax and Gardlinx are used as the Nobodies made in Fiore.
  • Broken Pedestal: Faybelle at first is a fan of Maleficent after hearing all about her following "Halloween Town". Come "Mystical Bayou", she is terrified of her, being able to lay down some hurt on the Forever After Fighters without breaking a sweat. She remains frozen in fear for the entirety of the battle, the only word she can say is "Mom".
  • Canon Foreigner: The Tempest, from Mass Effect, is used as the main use of transportation to other Worlds.
    • Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI joins Organization XIII.
    • Krampus is a one-off Character working for Maleficent.
    • Jillian Beanstalk takes an interest in a Samurai Nobody that saves her and Humphrey, and dubs it Jason. He has made more appearances ever since.
    • Amora, coming from Asgard, is a teacher at Ever After High later on in the Story.
    • Whisp from Monster High: 13 Wishes, is brought in as Roxas's Genie.
    • The events of skipped/not adapted EAH Events (specifically Maddie In-Chief and Rebel's Got Talent) are mentioned, though in the case of the latter, it happens concurrently with the webisode.
    • Brooke Page and the Narrators appear following Roxas's Birthday, Brooke possibly still being the one to warn Maddie of the threat to Wonderland back in Way Too Wonderland.
  • Cassandra Truth: In the events of True Hearts' Day, Roxas tries to tell Briar, Cupid and Hopper that he doesn't have a heart. They laugh it off, assuming he's saying he has no goodwill rather than a literal heart.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: As the Story moves on after several Worlds. A prime example is in the second Thronecoming Chapter, with several of the floats made by the students.
    • Sparrow's is defined after Sherwood Forest from his visit there.
    • Rosabella has a float that contains the Enchanted Rose given to her by Belle and Beast at the end of "Enchanted Christmas Special".
    • Alistair and Bunny share a float based off of the events of "Way Too Wonderland".
    • Meeshell's float is based off of Atlantica.
    • Briar has a float relating to her Story, only with a golden elixir bottle that Roxas gave her.
    • Melody has rats dancing the same way Roxas did when he first danced in "True Hearts Day", and the same song she sang in "SKRM Team and Songs", only on a flute.
    • Poppy built a float with her mother's tower, and a figure of Roxas with the Golden Eternity Keyblade.
    • Maddie is seen wearing Roxas's Wonder Drive clothes, and recalls him dancing the Futterwacken like he did in Spring Unsprung.
    • Apple has a float with her coffin, and a silhouette of Roxas about to kiss her, referencing to him being her Prince Charming in Dragon Games.
  • Continuity Nod: Several to the games to help out the Forever After Fighters, or are just there, such as characters confusing Roxas for Ventus from the events of Birth By Sleep or when Sora previously visited a World.
    • Jack Sparrow is mentioned in Chapter 4 when Roxas remembers Sora tricking him into thinking he can get the Keyblade. He makes his appearance in the 89th Chapter for the take on The Caribbean.
  • Darker and Edgier: Than the main Ever After High Series, bringing in cases of Reality Ensues and elements from other versions of the Stories that frighten the EAH Students a little.
    • Gets to this case in Chapter 89, "The Caribbean". While toned down on the cursing, this includes dead bodies, actual deaths, and actual attempted murder. Blondie even has this to say:
      Jack Sparrow: Shoot him and cut out his tongue, then shoot his tongue!
      Blondie: (whispering to the team) I may have to edit some parts of this meeting out.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 84 primarily focuses on Leroy and Rosabella.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Roxas has one in the events of Dragon Games when he is pulled into the Realm of Darkness and nearly fades away.
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • Crystal Winter and Farrah Goodfairy make their appearances earlier than their original debut, the former originally introduced in the last season, and main focus of Epic Winter, and the latter way before her original debut in Dragon Games.
    • Amora is seen as a silhouette in "Forest of Fate" and as a vision in "Hotel Transylvania".
    • Three hooded figures (all unknown) are seen entering The World That Never Was in Chapter 75. With the events of the game, it can be assumed that one of them is Luxord and the other Demyx. The third is unknown.
      • Chapter 88 identifies one of the figures as Sephiroth.
  • Evolving Credits: The second opening, which uses "Face My Fears", provides good visuals of changes from the original opening, to more of an action series:
    • The running of Roxas, Lea, Namine and Xion adds in Heartless attacking, with Apple and Raven pulling out their weapons.
    • Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are added, with Calypso as Tia Dalma in the water, fitting as she is a summon ever since Chapter 111.
    • Cassandra is added in, laughing as Eugene hits his head with a frying pan. Many can imagine she is in her Season 1 look before evolving to her Moonstone appearance.
    • Rather than at a picnic, Cerise and her family are seen with the case of Hoodwinked!. In addition, Jack (possibly him from Jack The Giant Slayer) is with Jillian and Jason, the former using her blaster, Amora and Thor emerging from the Bifrost and Roxas using Mjölnir, Nina and Humphrey using their new weapons.
    • Olette is added in, with Hayner and Kitty having a moment. She is seen kissing Hopper in the kitchen with Ginger, Tiana and Naveen.
    • Merida, now as a new character, is added to the archery scene, topping everyone by splitting ALL their arrows.
    • Rather than stare Maleficent down like the first opening, Briar and Faybelle pull their weapons on her… and are joined by the version of her that appears in Maleficent, dubbed as Mystic Moors Maleficent.
    • Cedar is joined by none other than the Pinocchio made by Disney.
    • Apple spotting Lappex, whose hair turns to silver the moment they turn away from each other.
    • Duchess dancing with her "sister", Alise, while Justine dances with Félicie from Ballerina (aka: Leap!)
    • The disappointed look of Evil Queen is removed, now showing only Snow White.
    • The final action sequence shows the Forever After Fighters and the Organization battling each other, paired in appropriate match-ups:
      • Raven vs Mira (different versions of the Evil Queen)
      • Apple vs Lappex (original and Nobody)
      • Wonderland Kids vs Luxord (cards)
      • Crystal vs Even (ice)
      • Melody, Sparrow and Justine vs Demyx (music and dance)
      • Darling vs Larxene (sole Action Girls of their canon series)
      • Jillian and Jason vs Marluxia (plants and sharp weaponry)
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: In "Pieces of the Heart", Farrah calls on both Ever After High and Monster High to stop what they're doing so they can save Roxas from Mira Shards. It results in Mira deciding to go after a now-good Evil Queen instead, but is still confronted by Sora, Kairi and Raven.
  • Happy Ending Override: At the end of Kauai, everything seems well… until EAH Snow White plots to get rid of Roxas upon seeing her daughter apparently having been hurt in the events of Atlantica.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Lea gives one to EAH Snow White after refusing to accept Apple as a part of a harem with Roxas:
    Lea: Your daughter would be lucky to get a guy like Roxas. How can you even call yourself a mom? It took a lot of courage for [Roxas and his harem] to admit this to you and the other parents and you walk out on them?
    EAH Snow White: You expect me to let him have my daughter as part of his… harem?
    Lea: If you ever want your daughter to love you again.
    EAH Snow White: Ha! Please my little Apple Dumpling loves me with all her heart.
    Lea: Oh really? Because after that stunt you pulled nearly expelling Roxas you think she's forgiven you? She didn't even hug you back. Everyone thinks because you spent a week in that stupid mirror you're reformed, but not me. Snow White, if you ever try anything on Roxas again I WILL BURN YOU!
  • Harem Genre: What goes on with Roxas and his 13 love interests, and the number tends to keep growing!
  • Jerkass Has a Point: When Amora joins the team, she points out that a large team of twenty-seven people can be spotted rather easily, which was how they got spotted during their time in the previous Chapter, "Asgard".
  • Midfight Weapon Exchange: Happens with Briar and a manifestation of Captain Hook during the Descendants World, Auradon.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The climax of Sherwood Forest is based off of the original-planned ending for Robin Hood rather than the castle being set on fire.
    • The trip to Beast's Castle takes elements from both Disney versions of Beauty and the Beast.
    • Uncle Monty is referenced at the beginning of "Forest of Fate" when discussing the previous World, Corona.
    • Most of the Experiments from Lilo & Stitch: The Series are identified in the World of Kauai.
    • Amora's training dialogue to Roxas is almost reminiscent of how she guided Loki in Asgard, the movie originating from Thor: Tales of Asgard.
    • Namine's Keyblade is Chain of Memories, named after the game she debuted in: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
    • Some elements of Roxas's Asgardian Warrior Keyblade take hints from Loki's Staff used in The Avengers (2012).
    • LeFou performs a Heel–Face Turn in Beast's Castle, similar to how he did in Beauty and the Beast (2017), unlike his animated counterpart.
    • Alistair, when told by Courtly to hand over his Keyblade, tells her that they're picky about their owners. Terra used this same remark against Braig.
    • Similarly to Kingdom Hearts II, Braig appears cryptically, then makes minor appearances in the World That Never Was, before appearing in a World to collect a powerful being to serve him.
    • Noctis sees Namine as Luna, and briefly mentions his engagement.
    • Unlike the game, the Forever After Fighters learn that Jack took the charts (it is unknown if they know he is looking for the Fountain of Youth), and that Barbossa took back the ''Black Pearl".
    • The Descendants Keyblade is dubbed by Roxas as No Rest For The Wicked. The name is a reference to a fan-made song by lookalike actors of the movie cast, all three movies, for a fan-made Descendants 4, which was confirmed by Dove Cameron herself that would never happen, but the song still exists, making it the only song made by YouTube artist PattyCake.
  • Not So Different: Both Poppy and Flynn/Eugene use the exact same dialogue when fighting with a frying pan. Lampshaded by Poppy's reaction:
    Poppy looked at the man (Flynn) next to her and saw herself when she fought for the first time. She even said those exact words.
  • Oblivious to Love: Played With. While Roxas is familiar with the fact that eight girls love and share him, he is oblivious that the new five pieces of his heart (Crystal Winter, Farrah Goodfairy, Meeshell Mermaid, Darling Charming and Lizzie Hearts) love him, and spends most of the beginning of Chapter 86 not noticing that they are fighting the original harem for him.
    • Played for Drama in Chapter 93, when Roxas forgets that day is the anniversary of his and Poppy's first kiss.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • In the first couple of Chapters, everyone would have to learn how to fight the invading Heartless sooner or later, and Roxas won't be the only one to fight them off.
    • Invoked by Roxas to Apple, who is hesitant about fighting. He tells her his enemies are not like the ones from the Stories, and she will have to fight.
    • More touched on with Courtly, as the Wonderland Kids haven't forgiven her completely, unlike the series.
    • For Roxas, when eight girls (Apple, Briar, Cerise, Maddie, Poppy, Melody, Namine and Amora) love him, there's bound to be some competition for his hand. He learns this the hard way in Chapter 68, "Love-Struck".
    • The Forever After Fighters learn as a whole from their time in Mutation City (aka TMNT) that a team as large as them can easily get spotted, as pointed out by Amora. After that, smaller teams are made when going on missions.
    • The Caribbean has Jack telling Roxas and his team to pretend to be on his crew for the meeting of the Brethren Court. Given that no minors would be allowed on their own, he is doing them a favor by having them be on his crew.
    • Forest of Fate 2, the second visit to the aforementioned World, has Merida and her family catching onto the fact that the Forever After Fighters are not what they seem after revealing their Digimon and Sparrow's sudden knowledge of the Sniper Nobodies.
    • Dexter, Humphrey, Hopper, Duchess and Merida, while able to hold their own in a fight, are still inexperienced with dealing with dark forces and doubt their abilities in Chapter 94.
    • Chapter 95 shows that Briar did indeed have consequences for poisoning Raven's cake from the events of "Apple's Birthday Bake-Off", as she is unable to help in baking any cakes, or even participate in the Baking Contest.
    • Apple's sleep deprivation causes her to hallucinate.
    • Despite Briar having earned her sword, and gotten training from Roxas, she is still inexperienced and loses most battles.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Added with a bit of Villain Has a Point, the Evil Queen gives one to EAH Snow White after revealing she chased away Roxas:
    Milton Grimm: You made that horrible video?! How could you do that him?
    EAH Snow White: I did what was right for Ever After. He was hurting our students.
    Evil Queen: No, that wasn't the reason. The reason was because Roxas brought with him your greatest enemy… progress. He was helping all these students see that there was more to life than following a story and it terrified you because you knew that if everyone could get their own happily ever after yours wouldn't be as special anymore. You weren't doing it for the good of this world, you did it for yourself.
  • Regular Character: In almost every Chapter, Blondie makes some sort of appearance. Mostly done during World Travels. Subverted with the Monster High Exchange Program, where Spectra takes her place as reporter and recorder, though she was only a substitute for her at the time.
    • Ginger appears in every World Mission staying on the Tempest. The only exceptions are the Monster High Exchange Program and Enchanted Christmas Special.
  • The Reveal: Chapter 82 has everyone discovering that Xehanort was once a student at Ever After High, and was most likely a Rebel.
    • Chapter 106 reveals the mysterious figure from Apple's dreams is her Nobody, Lappex.
  • Rule of Three: In "Pieces of the Heart", combined with Rule of Funny:
    • Briar makes a float that pays tribute to Roxas. Cerise does the same. This results in the two fighting over him.
    • Poppy and Holly have a float Poppy is sure will please Roxas enough to take her to Thronecoming. She instantly attacks Maddie for wearing Wonder Drive clothing based off of him so he can ask her to Thronecoming.
    • Melody makes a song for her float, the same song she sang for him, and Apple competes with her float showing the moment where Roxas becoming her Prince Charming. No reward for what happens between them.
      • The fighting happens again when the girls argue who save Roxas from Mira Shards' Spell, happening three times once again.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The Evil Queen punching her Nobody, Mira Shards, in the face, is a reminiscent of Sirius Black punching Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, complete with similar dialogue, just replace "godson" with "daughter".
    • The ending of Chapter 84 can be seen as a humanized version of the Thomas & Friends episode "All At Sea".
    • The nightmare of Chapter 44 is a reference to the ending of episode "Kamen Rider Siren" from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, complete with a dream of a reflection popping out of a mirror and throwing the person across. Bonus points for it being a dream.
  • Significant Anagram: Played With in Chapter 61: after Roxas says Xemnas giving him his name wasn't that creative, the Forever After Fighters start to come up with their own Nobody Names. A contest for the best names was shown prior to the release of the Chapter, with all names of the Forever After Fighters so far being shown. Their Nobody Names are:
    • Maddie: Dexdima
    • Raven: Vernax
    • Apple: Lappex
    • Amora: Moraxa
    • Farrah: Rafhrax
    • Cerise: Resecix
    • Ginger: Reinggx
    • Blondie: Donelbix
    • Nina: Xinan
    • Ashlynn: Nashlynx
    • Justine: Nijustex
    • Rosabella: Lalorsabex
    • Jillian: Xanillij
    • Melody: Lemyxod
    • Meeshell: Sexhelmel
    • Dexter: Xertexd
    • Briar: Rarbix
    • Cedar: Xerdac
    • Cupid: Dupxic
    • Holly: Lohlyx
    • Poppy: Xypopp
    • Kitty: Xittyk
    • Lizzie: Zilxize
    • Ramona: Xanamor
    • Bunny: Nuxnby
    • Darling: Gardlinx
    • Daring: Gardinx
    • Crystal: Styxclar
    • Hunter: Terunhx
    • Faybelle: Leaflebyx
    • Sparrow: Warsprox
    • Alistair: Starilixa
    • Humphrey: Pherumhyx
    • Duchess: Shedcusx
    • Whisp: Phixsw
    • Hopper: Prohpex
      • The only ones without a Nobody name are Courtly and Chase as of now.
  • Sixth Ranger: Played for almost every additional member who joins the Forever After Fighters, but the most unexpected of them is Merida.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Most character deaths (Ray, Flynn/Eugene), survive their encounters with evil. Dr. Facilier even joins Maleficent following Chapter 78.
    • At least one Leroy Clone, turned into a baby, was saved and adopted by Rosabella in Kauai.
  • Take That!: Chapter 69, Fairy Tale Land, one of the lowest-rated movies of fairy tales, is a World the Forever After Fighters say they really dislike, and wish to never go back.
    • A possible one to Zathura, where at the end of Chapter 85, Sora finds the game after Roxas and his friends go through the trouble of the events of Jumanji.
  • Team Title: The Forever After Fighters for Roxas and the EAH Students.
  • Took a Level in Badass: See Adaptational Badass above.
  • Trash the Set: What Xemnas and Even do to the Mansion at the end of Chapter 87. The thought of it surprises Even of all people.
  • Wham Episode: Chapter 82, "Xehanort's Past" reveals Xehanort was once an EAH Student, the Evil Queen is free and will be helping out the Forever After Fighters, Roxas discovers his room once belonged to Eraqus and Xehanort, and finds Xehanort's first Keyblade.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In Auradon, Chad and Audrey disappear in the entire Coronation scene.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Roxas and the Forever After Fighters deliver one to everyone in Auradon big-time for their discrimination against the VKs. Briar hammers it hard against Audrey, rejecting that the two are alternate versions of each other.

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