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Fan Fic / The Mysterious School

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A Detective Conan Fan Fic by Magic Conan 14 that can be read here. It was first published in 2011, and is of the mystery/fantasy genre.

Conan, Ai, Heiji and Kaito receive invitations to a school named after its principal, Artemis Kuroshi. As the name of the fic says, the Artemis Kuroshi school is no ordinary school...the four discover that they are reincarnations of the Magic League - a band of thieves that have some connection to Artemis. Not only that, but they discover that the powers the Magic League possessed were transferred to them...except Heiji, who receives a different power entirely. Erika, roommate of Ai, ends up dead. The rest of the fic is all about the team - Renegade - tracking down the killer, Detective Conan style, with the help of Ai's other roommate Gloria.


It's the second of a trilogy: the second is this one, the last is Intertwined and the first (a prequel named Winged and Dangerous) was never released online. Vault explains some of the backstory of the characters. Unfortunately, the author decided to tie off the ends and not release Intertwined after a while.

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