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Fan Fic / The King Of The Hill Episode 1 Peggys Revenge

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King of The Hill Episode 1: Peggy's Revenge (or Peggy's Revenge) is a fanfic written by Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadu apparently made as part of a series due to being considered an "episode". The plot starts with Peggy and Hank going to eat in a French restaurant before delving into Peggy, Lucky, and John Redcorn physically and sexually abusing Hank over his small penis.

Watch the dramatic reading here, Fanfic Critic's review of it here and the commentary here.


This episode has the following tropes...

  • Anti-Hero: Dale came to Hank's house thought get Hank out his house and getting police, Except he not as he was at Hank's house becaue they are shoot his tortured from Peggy, Lucky and John Redcorn and released the tortured video into Youtube, I'm not kidding it just said it on Fanfic.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: Possibly this fanfic, As seen they not even mentioned Bobby once as maybe they don't existed and also assume the Khan's family never moved to alren as well due even lack of mentioning them.
  • Artistic License – Law: It's somehow in this fanfic an "Porngraphic" video is not felony or freakin crime in Texas that show takes place, They will very likely to get arrested by police and get in national news as seen they are planned put the video on Youtube getting more clues that more people are working with Peggy. And no ''It's not get them arrest instead turned them into porn internet celebrites within weeks?"
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  • Excuse Plot: Yep, all summon about this Fanfic.
  • Hero Antagonist: Hank as he the main hero in Canon too.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Somewhat, this fanfic seemly want attempted make an verison of King of the Hill that it's legal, thats ok that your wife raped you on video, Friends cool that want to getting support your wife rape revenge. And somehow never be arrested or getting fired from your job for showing it on Youtube or workplace.
  • Karma Houdini: For Peggy, Lucky, John Redcorn and Dale Gribble.
    • It's also double Karma Houdini for Lucky since he was dating Lunnane whatever the Fanfic take place on show's canon, And still not telling her the truth that he was three people to send that "Funny" video.
  • Out of Character: Everyone except Dale.
  • Retcon: This fanfic may explain never mentioned about Bobby [Who is thier Biological son] and Hank's 'Diminished Gluteal Syndrome' which is acutal explain why here he can have any more children in show, Put author may erased his disorder and thier son disappeared for his verison of "King of the Hill episode" in his Fanfic.
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  • Slash Fic: The Fanfic is somewhat attempted to be an Slash Fic, Put came out as uberly mess up from spelling errors, bad plot, worst moral about getting hank into sex, etc...
  • Villain Protagonist: Peggy, Lucky and John Redcorn

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