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"If we ever have a daughter I would name her Kaceystar, because she would be a beautiful light in my beautiful a light that her mother is to me now."

The Kaceystar Trilogy is a set of three stories Hope's Journey, My Beautiful Rising Star, and Hold On Before It's Too Late., two spinoff oneshots, note  and plenty of AU note  stories note  written by optimus prime 007 about an Autobot named Kaceystar. She is the daughter of Optimus Prime and Elita One.


Hope's Journey note  follows little Kaceystar, age 10, as she travels to Earth to find her father, avoiding Con's along the way. My Beautiful Rising Star note  follows Kacey and her parents and friends and sometimes even the 'Cons as she grows up and faces several conflicts. Hold On Before It's Too Late note  is a love story between Bumblebee and Kacey.

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     Hope's Journey 

Hope's Journey provides examples of:


     My Beautiful Rising Star 

My Beautiful Rising Star provides examples of:

     Hold On Before It's Too Late 

Hold On Before It's Too Late:

  • Dead Fic It has not been updated since July of 2011.

     The oneshots 

The oneshots provide examples:

     AU stories 

The AU stories provide examples of:

     The entire series 

The entire series provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Kacey, Elita, Chromia and others.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp":
    • Femme — Woman
    • Mech — Man
    • Interface — Sex
    • Bonded — Married
    • Spark — Heart/Soul
  • Even Evil Has Standards / Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Megatron, the Big Bad, has a sparkmate note  and two children that he, believe it or not, loves. Heck, he even said that he couldn't bare to live without them! And this is coming from the guy that intends to take over the universe and tried to kill Optimus when he was just a youngling!!! note 

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