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Fanfic / The Hallowed Halls Of Fielding

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The Hallowed Halls of Fielding is an Alternate Universe Daria fanfic by Roentgen.

When the Morgendorffers move to Lawndale, Daria and Quinn start at a new school. Thanks to the influence (and bank account) of Helen's mother, the girls are enrolled in Fielding Prep instead of Lawndale High. Thrown into a world of privilege and, frequently, snobbery, Quinn is immediately inducted into Topisiennes. Meanwhile, Daria finds herself in an academically challenging environment for the first time.


At the entrance ceremony, back and forth snarking introduce Daria and Elsie to each other, and the two quickly become thick as thieves. Although most of the students are boarders, the Sloanes, like the Morgendorffers, are day students. Daria soon meets Elsie's twin brother, Tom, and develops a crush on him.

Quinn finds herself at home in the social world of Tops, but adrift in the academics. Daria finds herself forced into the swim team as the lone high-diver.

Best summarized as Daria goes to Dallas.

The first few chapters are available on, but the vast bulk of the 140+ chapter story is only available on The Paperpusher's Message Board


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