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Fan Fic / The Eliza Trilogy

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"At least I didn't write Celebrian!"''
— Eliza Diawna Snape

Before Ebony and Rose Potter were even mere plot bunnies, Harry Potter fans often cited another name when asked to give an example of a Mary Sue. That name is Eliza Diawna Snape.

The Eliza Trilogy, which was written in 2000 by then semi-BNF Eliza Diawna Snape, is considered a classic Harry Potter fanfic often mentioned in the same breath as The Draco Trilogy and Pawn To Queen. While it was very popular and much praised in its heyday (it was often praised for having writing that was as good as and even better than Rowling's), it is considered nowadays to be a textbook example of a Mary Sue.


The trilogy is centred around the titular character and her identical twin sister Diawna Eliza Snape, the half-American daughters of Severus Snape and recent transfer students to Hogwarts, and the prophecy that they are linked to.

The trilogy includes:

Copies of all three stories can be found (in .doc format) here. Summaries of the OCs more sueish points can be found here and here.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Creepy Child — Wyrren borders on this.
  • Kids Are Cruel — Eliza and Diawna transfer to Hogwarts due to death threats made by the kids in their old school.
  • I See Dead People — Wyrren.
  • Memento MacGuffin — The necklace that Eliza's mother gave to her.
  • Necromancer — Wyrren.
  • New Transfer Student
  • Power Crystal — Eliza's necklace has the power to "grant a second life after death".
  • Self-Insert Fic — The description of the twins matched up almost completely (save for a few modifications where the characters looked better) with pictures of the author that were floating around at the time. "Eliza Diawna" is also a variation on the author's real name: Elizabeth Dawn.
  • Small Name, Big Ego — The author, for a time. There are stories of her showing up to the movies' premiers wearing a t-shirt saying "I am Eliza Diawna Snape." and being distraught when people didn't immediately recognize her.
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  • Theme Twin Naming
  • Twin Switch Diawna pretends to be Eliza and attends Hogwarts in her place.


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