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The Curator to the most prestigious and honorable ghost museum in all the Ghost Zone is tired of collecting simple artifacts of art and history. He's not satisfied with interesting, important ghosts that enjoy being on display. His new sights are set on collecting humans. Most recently, his eyes have fallen on a match set of Halfas, and he has finally decided to collect them.

A collaboration between Pixie Girl 13 and Mutantlover 09, The Collector is a Danny Phantom fanfic of epic proportions (over 30 chapters that are mostly over 15 pages long) that starts with Vlad and Danny having one of their spats, only to be interrupted by a mysterious ghost who can make them follow his orders with the power of his voice. He introduces himself as The Curator, the caretaker of a Ghost Zone museum that is known for its and high quality exhibits. He has recently started adding humans to the museum collection, regardless if they want to be put on display or not. Danny and Vlad have to team up, not only with each other, but with a pair of human thieves in order to escape their captivity.


The Collector puts a high emphasis on character interaction and character development, often to the effect of placing the escape plot on the backseat. This makes the story seem slow to some, but the authors do good quality work for both the action scenes as well as the character scenes.

The story can be found in full here.

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