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Fan Fic / The Captain of the Virtual Console

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The Captain of the Virtual Console is a Massively Multiplayer Crossover Fan Fic written by Gancena, loosely based off of the premise to Captain N: The Game Master and similar works.

The story begins with a presence of light realizing a hero is needed to fight back against the ever-growing darkness pervading the world. She summons one, and gets Gancena, a video game fangirl who was playing her Nintendo Wii. Luckily, Gancena is interested in what's happened, and listens to the presence—named Selene—and her story.

The gaming worlds are under attack from creatures known as the Thoughtless, mindless monsters that represent Moral Guardians and the worst aspects of the Fan Dumb. If the attacks continue, Selene will be unable to stop them and their influence will spread into the real world, destroying everything. The gaming worlds need a hero to travel to the worlds and gather a Runestone, a representation of players' love for games, from each of them. Doing this would save all worlds from annihilation.

Eager and somewhat hesitant at first, Gancena accepts, taking on the mantle of the Captain of the Virtual Console (or Virtual Console Captain). With a SNES Super Scope in hand, the Captain travels to the worlds to collect the Runestones and save the gaming worlds and her own.

It can be found on and AO3. The author's Twitter can be found here, and her tumblr here.

This fanfic contains examples of: