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Fan Fic / The Adventures Of Nickcat

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The Adventures Of Nickcat is a spinoff of The Adventures Of Iancat, but, not as good as the series it is based off. Basically it's Sonichu meets Warrior Cats. It's about an Animalized version of the Big Brother 15 player Nick Uhas as a cat trying to save the world of "Animolopolis", a world inhabited by animals. The villains? Another cat and... a griffon. The writer even puts herself in there. It was a Troll Fic until the writer picked it up for another chapter.



  • Electric Torture: Nickcat has a dream in which Jeremygriffon throws birds to the "Dark Demanimal God" and kills them using fire and lightning.
  • Back Story: One of the whole parts of this fanfic is about Nickcat's backstory.
  • Catchphrase: Jeremygriffon and his laugh. Also, "Aaryncat you are the only one who loves me."
  • Cats Are Mean: Subverted and Adverted. A cat is the main character, and also the villain.
  • Evil Laugh: Jeremygriffon always does this. "KAEKEKKEKEKEKEHAHEHEHKEAKEKEHEAHA"


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