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The Adventures Of Captain Soap is a Modern Warfare Fanfic that tries to solve the plot of the Modern Warfare 2. Captain Soap, who now has a cyber arm, fights against the evil General Shepherd to take revenge and to prevent him from taking over the world. On the way, lots of... stuff happens. Edward Cullen gets blown up, Soap fights a horde of ninjas and General Shepherd talks... and talks... and talks...


An anonymous review in which the author is called a "five year old idiot" should tell you about the quality of the plot and spelling. The story does, however, have some cheesy lines and interesting twists, so it might be worth a read if you're looking for a good bad fanfiction.

This work provides examples of:

"You have killed my friends, and now Fist will kill you!", screamed pricer and assualted the evil General.
"I am rather unimpressed", said soap rather unimpressed.
  • Groin Attack - Soap does this to a juggernaut. Yes, to a juggernaut.
  • Guns Akimbo - Price dual wields akimbo assault rifles. Yes, he manages to fire four assault rifles at once!
  • Kick the Dog - Shepherd shoots an innocent family while they're eating in the burger king. In his eyes, they were collateral casualties. Yes, he's that evil.
  • Large Ham - General Shepherd. It's reduced to Narm because of the bad spelling and because nothing he says makes sense.
"Did you really believe your… feeble attempts would prove sufficient to defeat me? ME? THE GREAT GENERAL SHEPEPRD! Pitiful! I shall wrekc havoc upon you, foolish american! DIE, CAPTN SOP!", said the general evuly.
  • Mind Screw - The whole spelling does a good job of confusing readers, but it's not the worst Mind Screw:
    • First, we have Captain Prices multiple deaths. At one point in the story, he multiplied himself, so he could accompany Nikolai and Soap at the same time. This is confusing enough. But what makes it worse is that Soap is seemingly capable of double think, as he talks to a living Price while knowing that he's dead!
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    • Second, the showdown in the burgerking, where Shepherd is mysteriously still alive despite having been killed in the last chapter. Also, the author can't decide whether it's a Mc Donalds or a Burgerking.
  • Motive Decay - After a while, General Shepherd starts calling Soap a foolish american. The funny thing is, Shepherd is originally not only american, but also an extremistic patriot, and Soap is scottish.
  • Narm
"Good morning in Mcdonals and here is your burgher with a double portion of FUCK YOU!" yelled the guy that gave him cheeseburger!

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