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The Abalone Funeral Dirge is a behemoth. An epic of exaggerated proportions in terms of Doorstopper length and breath-taking scope. And it's only finished its first book. The author's summary: If you were to look at a timeline, you could say Sawada Tsunayoshi's soul was well and truly crushed when he was ten years old. But if you were to look at what every single person was doing when Sawada Tsunayoshi's soul was well and truly crushed, you'd realize that things go a lot deeper than botched magic seals and poor adult supervision.


The Abalone Funeral Dirge is the world's most ambitious deconstruction of KHR fanfic tropes, and is mostly occupied with KHR dark!fic cliches, written in a cohesive and structured novel-like style. Utilizes Ensemble Casts and interwoven subplots very heavily.

The wiki can be found here. The tumblr can be found here

Dead-Eyed Tsuna

Dead-Eyed Tsuna by wyrvel is a complete gen-fic on many what-ifs. What if Tsuna had joined the Disciplinary Committee? What if rather than Reborn, Gokudera is the one sent to tutor Tsuna instead? What if Tsuna wasn't the next Vongola Decimo, but an an inversion of his canon self instead?. With plenty of World Building, Arc Welding and lots of snark, this author created an alternate universe which includes repercussions, discussion of mental issues, and head-on collisions of plots?

The Author's Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi is cold, aloof, constantly exhausted, perpetually doubtful, and has the resting face of an axe murderer. He's resigned to being a complete failure for the rest of his life, and is pretty satisfied with himself, as long as he has people like his best friend Sasagawa Kyouko to help him along the way.

But his dull, emotionless status quo is shattered when Kyouko decides he should join the Disciplinary Committee and do something with himself. The Disciplinary Committee, as in the thinly veiled school gang run by the Scariest Teenage Boy Alive. And yet, against all odds, it's not the Committee itself that led him into mass international criminal politics, magic powers, and casual murder. (Tsuna is in the Disciplinary Committee, and somewhere else, Timoteo's son is the heir to the seat of Vongola Decimo. Featuring: Ensemble Cast, many OCs, and fully original story arcs. Humour/Action/Drama, contains dark themes. Heavy AU.)


The Trope Page can be found here.

Double Asterisk

Double Asterisk by wyrvel is a continuation of Dead Eyed Tsuna. Now in its second book, it details the merry misadventures of Tsuna and Hibari in Varia, the ongoings of the Federico Household as well as the shenanigans of the Bovino family...for now. As the author puts it, now that the backstory bits are over and done with, it's time for character plot development...and a nice helping of myths.

As usual, summary by the author: Tsuna has decided to latch onto Hibari, and Hibari has decided they ought to go to Italy. This would be nice, if it weren't for the fact that Hibari is a danger to society, all of his friends are almost as traumatized as Tsuna is, and the job Tsuna is in Italy for? Committing treason. The mafia is eating itself, the yakuza is in disarray, and at the top of it all, Hibari Kyouya has decided he's going to rule over everything, using the Varia, Tsuna, and a delightful group of emotionally unstable magical teenagers as stepping stools. Some are more okay with this idea than others.

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