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Fan Fic / Teno Verses Vay Heck

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''"one day the teno was chillin in his beach chair in his spaceship sippin a lemonade. he was usin frost cause mag is the bad guy from x men so he didnt want to use mag. and he was listenin to metalica and playin air guitar on his fragger, on his back he had a braten called bratenoby dark'ness radiaton proc skywalker and it has long ebony black hair with purple streaks (excep no it dosent cause its a gun duh) and had an icy blue muzzle like a limpid tear, a limpid tear of destruction and murder that shot bullets for killin grinners and robos and the flood from halo that was in warfarme for some reason but not oculisks cause their op cheaters, remove oculisks!

he also had a pistl but who cares about that lol"''
—Opening to teno verses vay heck

teno verses vay heck is a most likely purposefully bad Warframe Fan Fiction by "drbackspace" about a Tenno who fights Councillor Vay Hek.

It can be found here.

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