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Sometimes, a Lieutenant's job is just to survive.

A Mega Crossover between various K-Pop fandoms, then crossed over again into the Bleach universe and written with an original plot. A work in progress that's, by now, the length of a novel.

The series begins with a short one-shot action sequence in Chapter 1, but things really get underway in Stages of Healing.

This series provides examples of:

  • Crossover: The Bleach universe with an original plot, starring characters from different K-Pop groups (Dong Bang Shin Ki, SHINee, Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST, +other solo singers and actors).
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Keeping true to the original Bleach style, a huge number of characters from various Korean media have been introduced, most of whom are involved in the main plot arc.
    • Dong Bang Shin Ki: Changmin as a lieutenant with a bent for the demon arts, Jaejoong as his captain, Yunho as Jaejoong's Heterosexual Life-Partner, and Junsu as an exceptionally competent lieutenant. Everyone's wondering how the author will include Yoochun.
    • SHINee:
      • In the spirit world, you have Minho, who first appeared as a Lonely Rich Kid who gets recruited to enter the Academy, and Key, a One-Scene Wonder with No Sense of Personal Space who befriends him.
      • And in the human world, you have Onew/Jinki, a tag-along tourist guide who turns out to be a Genius Ditz at sensing spirit signatures; Jonghyun, an opera chorus singer who is later targeted by the series Big Bad; and Taemin, an opera dancer and the series's Badass Normal character
    • Big Bang: Daesung as a Perpetual Smiler lieutenant who's commonly Obfuscating Stupidity, and TOP/Seunghyun as an officer assigned to the human world. Taeyang recently appeared as a lieutenant. G-Dragon was mentioned in the prequel/interlude and Seungri was mentioned as a rising offices in the 2nd Division.
      • Considering the author's preference for using the character's real names, some are wondering why Taeyang was not introduced as Youngbae. I smell a backstory somewhere.
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    • Super Junior: Ironically, the first Super Junior members (Kibum, Sungmin, Hankyung) mentioned in the series haven't received much spotlight.
    • B 2 ST: Yoseob recently appeared as a lieutenant who's acting on Junsu's plans. Kikwang was mentioned once, but no word on whether he'll be getting his own role.
    • Others include big names like Rain, BoA, Lee Hyori, Kim Jongkook, and Lee Junki as captains. Lee Seunggi and Park Haejin are lieutenants that figure largely into the plot.

Episodes of this series provide examples of:


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