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More formally known as "The Dalton Boys Are Geeks," Spah Verse is the name of a Glee fanfiction written by Infrared Phaeton on LiveJournal. She started the series immediately after the airing of the episode Never Been Kissed, setting it in the newly introduced Dalton Academy for Boys. The Spah Verse is popular on LiveJournal, both because it was one of the first major attempts to construct a three-dimensional Dalton after the short glimpse on the show and because it has a widely varied cast of interesting and intricately-crafted OC's. A masterlist can be found here.


This fanfiction provides examples of:

"'It's not our fault they chose that couch!' David said hotly, still whispering.
'Please. That's the make out couch. Everyone knows that,' Liam rolled his eyes."