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"Sin always returns for its spawn." That's what they say. That's what they know.
Arriving in Spira alone, Tidus walks down the path of a different destiny - rewrites the pages of his story.
Story Description

Sinspawn is an alternate universe Final Fantasy X fanfiction, written by JosephineSilver.

It starts off similar to the game itself, with Sin attacking Zanarkand – but slight changes in Tidus’ course leads him to land in Spira at a different time and place, leading to a vastly different journey.

The fic is still in the early stages, but has an intriguing plot and premise, brilliant delivery by the writer, believable character interaction and development, and quite a few moments that may bring you to tears.


Chapter updates are sporadic, but JosephineSilver is a frequent presence online and has stated that she is very much writing for this fic.

It can be found here and here. (Archive of Our Own version is most active, and is usually the first to be updated, with better edited chapters and author's notes with in-depth lore and world building.)

Sinspawn provides examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Tidus' parents, as in canon, via Parental Neglect.
  • Adult Fear:
    • Upon arriving in Spira, Auron is immediately (and rightfully) terrified that Tidus won't surive alone. Thankfully, he isn't alone for long.
  • Apocalypse How: Kilika just makes it as a Class 0 on the localised destruction range.
  • Burial at Sea: How the survivors of Kilika mourn their dead. Takes a turn for the horrific when it is revealed that bodies are given to the ocean when there are no Summoners around to perform a sending so that when they turn into fiends they will be aquatic fiends, and thus unable to leave the water.
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  • Cue the Sun: After the events of Kilika, the sun rises on a new day and the real start of Tidus' journey. Crosses over with Red Sky, Take Warning, giving a distinctly ominous piece of foreshadowing.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: What Tidus and Rikku, once she is in the know. thinks he is. The author even mentions this trope by name in the Archive of Our Own tags.
  • For Want of a Nail: While labeled as an Alternate Universe fic, due to changes that have been made as the story progresses, Sinspawn definitely has shades of your classic nail-wanting tale, given that the point in which it diverges from canon comes about when Sin drops Tidus off in Baaj just slightly off course.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Tidus and Rikku. And it is adorable.
  • Psychic Link: What Tidus shares with Anima after gaining her Aeon in the events preceding chapter six.
    • Arguably there between Tidus and his fellow Sinspawn, given that he feels Ammes death and can sense Sin to some level.
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  • Red Sky, Take Warning: After Kilika, Tidus and Anima stare out at a red sunrise, and Anima remarks:
    Anima: Red sky at morning...
  • Shout-Out: Borrows the term 'hume' for 'human' from the Ivalice Alliance.

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