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Fanfic / Shinobi of the Old Republic

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Shinobi of the Old Republic is a crossover Fanfic between Knights of the Old Republic and Naruto by psychoman222.

Our story follows Naruto Uzumaki who, following an undetermined length of time after the Manga has joined the Jedi, defied them to fight the Mandalorians and subsequently became Darth Revan. It follows the main storyline of the first Knights of the Old Republic game wherein the part of Revan is played by a Naruto with about as much sanity as you can expect of a Shinobi with several decades of experience.


Shout-Outs and musings on the sillier elements of Knights of the Old Republic abound. Be warned, the Naruto featured in this fic can be considered a Gary Stu in that he at times seems unstoppable, though he is stil massive entertaining.

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