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Fan Fic / Shattered Darkness

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The Evershade Valley is in trouble! For some unknown reason, the Dark Moon has shattered apart and all the ghosts have gone bonkers. It's up to Luigi and an old friend of his bro's to fix it, but little do they know what they're getting into...
The author's summary in the prologue's description

Shattered Darkness is a novelization of the sequel to the Nintendo GameCube title Luigi's Mansion. It aims to add upon the story aspect of the game via the introduction of new characters, specifically Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Aside from the new characters, it seems to follow the original story closely... so far. With only two chapters including the prologue, it's a very new fanfiction. Only time will tell if it ends up being as well-received as the game it is based on.

The fic itself can be found here.

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