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Fan Fic / Shadow The Hedgehog 2: The Revenge Of Maria

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"There she stood, just the same as she had been. She smiled that same, sweet smile at him that she always did and slowly walked towards him. Shadow quivered like a blade of grass in his little hover skates. This couldn't be her."

Shadow the Hedgehog 2: The Revenge of Maria is a fanfic penned by SallysFunnyKiss, which can be read on her deviantART and accounts. The story centers around Shadow’s one year anniversary as an agent of GUN. His fellow agents, as well as the Commander, have yet to show any sort of trust in him and send him off to perform the most menial tasks instead of anything remotely serious. In an effort to prevent him from going AWOL, they decide to inexplicably bring Maria back to Shadow, cementing his position within their ranks so they can use him for something more useful later on. Despite the rather serious-sounding plot, the story is much more humor-centric, and is more of a farce than anything.


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