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Ryuk Returns is a Death Note Fan Fic on by an user named Michaelmyersfangirl. It is a Continuation set five years after the end of Death Note when Ryuk makes a bet with another Shinigami named Kasde to see if Ryuk can find another Death Note user that would turn out better than Light. In short, not die or develop a god complex.

So Ryuk drops a Death Note in Canada, where a high-school senior named Scout Hemmings picks it up. Hilarity Ensues. Unfortunately for her, the 13-day rule is written on the Death Note (what exactly is that extra Death Note?), so she is forced to kill someone every thirteen days, because she thinks she would die if she doesn't. Also, there is another Death Note user out there who wants to become Kira...


Compared with other fanfiction, Ryuk Returns is slightly better. It made it to the end with seventy-eight chapters in over a year. However, there are several spelling errors, some plot errors (why are they watching New Moon in 2015?), and a lot of liberty with the canon (guess what-one of the punishments that Shinigami could get is to be turned into a human. Oh, And Misa survived that fall in the anime), but the second-to-latter is worth it.

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