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"Heh, what did I tell you about Spartans and dying, Professor?."
LCDR Ruby-B312/Ruby Rose, SPARTAN-III Beta Company, Noble Team.

Ruby-B312 is a Halo and RWBY crossover by GreenTheRyno.

The big nail in this story is that Ruby, due to some universe crossing shenanigans, ended up in the Halo universe, and became SPARTAN-B312, better known as Noble Six. After somehow finding her way back to Remnant, she ends up stopping a robber at From Dust til Dawn, at which point she meets Professor Ozpin... and learns of her origins. She becomes a student at Beacon Academy, reunites with her sister (who had been very depressed since her sister and mother both "died"), becomes the leader of a team of Huntresses, and goes on raids with her team when they're not having classes.


It can be read on Spacebattles and Volume I is already complete, with Volume II in progress and Volume III in the works. Volumes I and II can be accessed through the aforementioned links.

To see the the supporting stories, please read A Summer's Harvest and Ruby-B312: The Fall of Reach. Fall of Reach is essentially a reaction fic where Team _WBY reacts to Ruby's tour of duty on Reach, while A Summer's Harvest focuses on what happened to Summer after the attack on her home (and is a Halo Wars/RWBY crossover, with narrative ties to the main story towards the end).

Volume II material is currently spoiler material, so proceed with caution when reading or editing.


Tropes in this story include:

  • 24-Hour Armor: Ruby tends to wear the undersuit of her armor at all times.
  • Adaptational Badass: Ruby is Noble Six. This is a given.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:
    • None of Team RWBY's families show up until Volume 3 in canon (Ruby and Yang do not count, for obvious reasons). Here, Taiyang, Winter, Whitley, Jacques, and Qrow all show up in the final chapters of Volume 1. Ghira and Kali show up in the early parts of Volume 2.
    • Adam is first seen in the Black Trailer, but doesn't return to the story until the end of Volume 2, while Corsac and Fennec Albain don't appear until Volume 4, as is the case with Sienna Khan. All four appear early into Volume 2.
    • Oscar is only seen in Volume 4, but here we see him in Volume 2... and in the VDF, operating Vale's (and by extension, Remnant's) first tank, no less.
  • Adaptation Deviation: A few examples so far.
    • Ruby figures out Blake's Faunus status earlier than in canon and has her team sit down and sort out their personal issues such that Blake and Weiss become friends earlier than in canon.
    • Also, nobody but Pyrrha and Ruby find out that Jaune cheated his way into Beacon. Why? Because Cardin had a broken arm after Ruby shattered his elbow for bullying Velvet. Why is that significant? Well, he'd have to go to the infirmary, and that means he wouldn't be there to eavesdrop on Jaune's talk with Pyrrha (and later Ruby).
    • A big one happens at the end of this story's volume 1: A Covenant force shows up on Remnant (alongside several UNSC ships fleeing Reach, of which only a few survive) and virtually destroy Atlas.
    • Another big one is that Pyrrha actually becomes the Fall Maiden.... at the cost of her own mind being overwritten by Amber's.
  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • Noble Six's Last Stand on Reach is expanded significantly, since Ruby is the one filling his shoes - she faces not only the horde of covenant and seven elites from the game, but also wraiths and hunters.
    • Cardin is given some additional background - his family is minor nobility that was founded at the end of the Great War. They run the town of Winshire, which is one of the worst hotbeds for Faunus discrimination.
  • Alternate Universe: The RWBY universe is this to the Halo one - Word of God noted that using Another Dimension to explain this would have had issues, as slipspace is also in an alternate dimension.
  • The Cavalry: Averted and Played Straight, The Royal Atlesian Navy arrived in full force to counter the Covenant Ships in the Invasion/Destruction of Atlas, they managed to destroy a CPV-class heavy destroyer and three SDV-class heavy corvettes but are unable to make a dent or even a scratch of the CCS-class battlecruiser. But, just as things are about to go from bad to worse, a UNSC Light Frigate arrives to the rescue and fires its' Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, damaging and destroying the battlecruiser.
  • Character Death:
    • Pyrrah takes on Autumn's powers and undergoes Death of Personality.
    • Jaune is run through with a Prelate's spear in the beginning of the Volume II finale, killing him instantly.
  • Death by Adaptation: Jaune died instead of Pyrrha who has undergo Death of Personality.
  • Dramatic Irony: Many have noted that the Covenant's declaration of "Your Destruction is the Will of the Gods, and we are Their Instrument" is actually extremely fitting for Remnant, in a haphazard way - the Gods of Light and Darkness did indeed have Remnant purged of humans in the past, and plan to do so again if Ozpin cannot unite mankind and change them for the better.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Ruby appears to be this. The Fall of Reach segments indicate that Kat was even worse, something Ruby noted during the Battle of Viery.
  • Eviler Than Thou: The Covenant are pretty clearly this to Salem - as the story notes, it's been millennia since Salem and Ozpin started their feud, but Salem has yet to destroy any of the kingdoms. The Covenant, on the other hand, manage to demolish Atlas at the end of Volume 1 of the story within a single day.
  • Freakier Than Fiction: In-Universe - Ghira notes while talking to Team RWBY and Winter that if someone had told him a day ago that he'd be hosting both of the Schnee daughters, he would have called them a liar.
  • Fusion Fic: Ruby is Noble Six, as stated above.
  • Hurting Hero: Ruby hides it pretty well at first, but it's clear that losing her teammates from both Beta Company and Noble Team, as well as everyone else she could not save during the Human-Covenant War, has taken a toll on her.
  • Mythical Motifs: Of a sort - ODST troopers from Norwegian-populated planet compare Grimm to their own aggressive fauna which, in turn, was named after Jotuns/Ice Giants from Scandinavian mythology.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Ruby mentions using a scythe during the Invasion of Draco III. Her Weapon of Choice in RWBY is the High Caliber Sniper Scythe Crescent Rose.
    • Two for Halo Legends:
      • Ruby mentions an elite being able to block bullets with an energy sword. She's referring to Thel'Lodamee from The Package
      • Ruby's Last Stand on Reach included her briefly fighting hunters that were bigger than wraiths. Hunters of this size show up in The Duel as part of the force sent to kill Arbiter Fal'Chavamee.
    • The finale chapters of Volume II see a Prelate deployed to hunt down Ruby.
  • The Nicknamer: Ruby is this, to the annoyance of both Noble Team and Team RWBY. Ironic, because IIRC, Yang fit this trope in canon.
    • Also, Qrow. Ruby comes by it honestly.
  • Noodle Incident: Ruby was involved in the Invasion of Draco III, but most of the details from that battle are never described. The only concrete facts are that she used a scythe to kill a massive number of Covenant forces and met John-117 while on planet.
  • Precision F-Strike: Weiss, when she found out that her father, Jacques Schnee, decided to disinherit her in the middle of an Invasion inside the escape tunnel, I think the stress has finally got to her. Warranted too, considering that her father's a rich bastard.
    Not only is this a wrongful disinheritance, father, but larger things are at stake! If you haven't noticed, the godsdamn mother-fucking Covenant are burning the city!
  • Prosthetic Limb Reveal: Commander Emanuel Witherson reveals to General Ironwood and the rest that he has a titanium Artificial Limb.
    • Yet until now we don't know if Commander Witherson lost his due to an accident or a close encounter with a Spec Ops Elite.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Ruby has spent so much time with the UNSC that she's lost some of her heritage from Remnant - case in point, her obssession over weapons is muted significantly in this story, and she is more willing to buy weapons from a gunshop owner than design her own.
    • While Noble Six ultimately was slain at the end of Halo: Reach, it took seven elites of various ranks to do so, due to the former being a One-Man Army. Ruby is at a comparable level to a Spartan-III even without augments, so it's unsurprising that she kills all of those elites on her own.
      • Additionally, rather than continue sending hordes of Mooks after Ruby, the Covenant eventually cut their losses and try to glass her. General military strategy to take out extremely entrenched targets is to hit them with artillery, after all.
    • The Kingdoms are primarily used to fighting Grimm, and have designed their technology around doing so. This leaves them woefully underequipped for when the Covenant show up at the end of Volume 1, as they operate on a totally different level of conflict. Additionally, the Covenant are pretty much unassailable by Remnant forces, since Dust doesn't work in space.
    • Jaune is killed off during a mission due to exposing himself while trying to get a better communication signal. Without Pyrrha to train him (as she had undergone Death of Personality due to taking Autumn's powers), his training gets stunted and his lack of prior huntsman training ends up doing him in.
    • The above happened due to another instance of Reality Ensues - the Covenant are now aware that one of the most dangerous Spartans still in existence (Ruby) is on Remnant, so rather than attempt to drown her in bodies, they deploy dedicated anti-Spartan warriors (in this instance, a Prelate) to try and eliminate her. And as each Prelate is a One-Man Army, they are more than capable of wiping the floor with a party of Huntsmen-In-Training.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: Weiss after her father decided to announce her death to the world... one can wonder how bad it would look for Jacques's PR Department against Beacon and the UNSC's PR, add to the fact this is Weiss Schnee, whose team - not to mention her sister - managed to blow up a CAS-class assault carrier!
  • Schmuck Bait: Jaune dies this way, climbing up a tree in order to try and get better signal, only to be impaled by a San'Shyuum Prelate.
  • Shout-Out: Oh, where to start? Firefly? Red vs. Blue? What about Babylon 5? Or Mass Effect? Or even Destiny?!
  • Tank Goodness: M808B Scorpion of the UNSC Marine Corps to the rescue!
    • In an attempt to reinforce Remnant against future Covenant attacks the UNSC is trying to recreate alot of war equipment using whatever material, facilities and technology available in Vale, starting at a Tractor Factory.
      • The result is, to quote Lieutenant Commander Ruby Rose-B312: "Holy shit, it's like the lovechild of a British Mark One and an A7V German Tank."
  • Tanks, but No Tanks: The First Armored Vehicle they find is a light excavator of some kind heavily modified with several layers of metal plates haphazardly bolted on and four Atlesian laser rifles mounted to the front in place of a scoop.
    • A redneck killdozer. Seriously! To Quote Ruby in one of her dossiers: "This agent does not believe they know what they're doing."
  • Tempting Fate: Winter dismisses the dangers of the Covenant that Weiss told her which she heard and saw from Ruby's Helmet Cam.
    Winter: I hardly believe that, sister. Those… Elites, as you called them, are already far too large and unwieldy. Any form of life larger than them would certainly-
    [Drop pod lands, cue Hunters]
    • Also, Jaune's untimely death.
    Jaune: Wait, you can get reception out here?!
    [He checks his Scroll]
    Jaune: Aww… I still got nothin'… Hey uhh, Winter? I'm gonna go climb one of these trees, see if I can get a signal.
    Winter: That won't be necessary, Mister Chloros already has a signal on… whatever device he's using.
    Jaune: Aw, c'mon! I mean, we don't really know who he called and I've got Ruby's number right here! She could bring that one dreadnought thing that floats above Vale!
    Winter: Indeed, however, you are also pointlessly exposing yourself to danger by climbing atop the tre-
    [Jaune is pierced through the chest with an energy lance, killing him nearly instantly]
  • Took a Level in Cynic: Defied with extreme prejudice - for all of the horror that Ruby has been exposed to as a Spartan-III, she has not lost her idealism, though she's closer to The Idealist than her canon self, who was a Wide-Eyed Idealist at the beginning of the series.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Ruby has taken a few, but it isn't too pronounced right now.

"Welcome to Counter-Covenant Operations 101."

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