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Red Mistress is the last in a planned trilogy regarding QQQQQ's OC, Oliah Kusanagi. Originally an original idea, it has since evolved multiple times until becoming yet another Dolled-Up Installment of Ghost in the Shell.

Short premise: Togusa comes to terms with his long past life as Section 9 apprehends a contract killer who had known him from an important time before.

You may find it here.

Shion “Oliah” Kusanagi


“What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of fucken' assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be! You NEED people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fucken' fingers and say, "That the bad girl." So... what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad girl! Come on. Come on. Make way for the bad girl. There's a bad girl comin' through! Better get outta her way! The last time you gonna see a bad girl like me again, let me tell you.“

Birthdate: February 4, 1993
Birth location: Kanagawa, Japan
Measurements: 35F-23-34
Height: 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight 48 kg (110 lb)
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black (originally a very dark indigo, but dyed black)
Blood type O+
Ethnicity: Japanese
4 February 1993: Shion Kusanagi is born to parents in Kanagawa, Japan.


1993 – 1998: an insignificant parade of mundane, chaotic, and bizarre events.

23 April 1998: Satou, Shion's brother, is born.

1 December 1998: Oliah's father leaves the family, leaving only her mother as a parent.

June 2012 – February 2013: Under a government sponsored education plan, several major harbours of Japan are opened to allow emigration of graduates to China (which is experiencing an academic boom). Shion emigrates to Hong Kong under the name 'Oliah,' a name from Colombian TV, as part of a large Japanese student group for post-secondary education.

Most of the group of 43,000 students who streamed from Kanagawa harbour into Hong Kong were honest, hard-working students — eager to learn, and lead a new life in a foreign land. But not all. Japan seized the opportunity to play Samaritan, exporting its delinquency rate to China. Hidden among the newcomers were the dregs of high schools, dropouts, delinquents considered beyond redemption. They, too, saw China as a land of opportunity. Among the most ambitious was Oliah Kusanagi, and her best friend Lo 'Manny' Wang, a hyper-sexual Chinese transfer student coming back to his home country again.


At that time, Oliah is on the outskirts of the dream of success, an unpolished young girl in ragged clothes and cardboard shoes. Assigned to newly built university dormitories with her companion, Lo 'Manny' Wang, they both suffer the indignities of the extremely competitive way of life, having to deal with the snobby student council group (comprising nearly 'all them hard-core study buddies that take life too damn serious.') and a horrid standard of living. Oliah and Lo Wang, what they came to China to find – a decent good life and good sex, respectively, is all but in their reach.

An opportunity arrives when Oliah overhears pirate traders having a conversation about movie shipping and massive profits. Upon further questioning, she learns more about the business and is initially offered an entry job as cargo shipper. Oliah is insulted and turns down the job over the little money she will receive; instead Oliah is set up to pick up a set of movie collections from a Korean dealer, Kim Jong-Bang, with given buy money.

Oliah, Lo Wang, and two other bribed Marielitos in her crew, then set out to meet Kim Jong-Bang at a seedy motel. The deal is in fact an ambush, leaving Oliah and Lo Wang double-crossed in a rip off move by the Korean and his revealed henchmen. To convince Oliah to give over the buy money, two of her Marielitos are brutally sliced to death with a chainsaw. After that, Oliah, about to suffer the same fate, is saved by a slip-up of the Korean dealer, accidentally slicing himself, and Lo Wang who uses this opportunity to disarm and shoot the bad guys, leaving himself with a minor bullet wound in his shoulder. Kim Jong-Bang escapes but Oliah vengefully confronts him in the street and shoots him dead with his henchmen's pistol in the middle of road. Oliah and Lo Wang then get away with both the movie collection and the money before the police arrive.

Oliah then impresses the money's owner, Ross with not only the return of his cash but with a gift of the movie collections, a prize from the botched rip off. Ross immediately hires Oliah and Lo Wang into his hierarchy. But during this initial get together Lo Wang also meets Ross's lady, the beautiful Teresa Chang, who will eventually become the source of tension between the two men. Thus, Oliah and Lo Wang begin their rise through the ranks of the Chinese piracy underworld.

A few months later, Oliah's estranged family meets up with her over at her family's hotel. Oliah shows up at the hotel where her family stays one evening, fashionably dressed, and offers them her 'hard-earned' money for financial support. But Oliah mother has only scorn for her since she turned her back on them years ago for the quick chaotic life of deliquesce back in Japan, and wants nothing to do with Oliah, and she is too full of family pride to accept her money. But Satou, who idolizes his sister, secretly accepts the money and tells him that he wants in on the flashy life that Oliah has going for her. Oliah's love for Satou is clearly genuine for she's the only person that he trusts, and is also very protective of her.

In December 2012, while on vacation, Oliah heads over to South Korea along with Mark Lee, Ross's right-hand man, to help Ross set up a new distribution deal with Korean movie pirates. Oliah feels that Ross is "soft," and begins to show her defiance to Ross's authority by personally negotiating a deal with Geum-ja Il, a ruthless and powerful Korean movie distributor. Il finds out during the trip that Mark Lee was once an informant for the police several years ago and has him murdered to show Oliah her intolerance for disloyalty.

Upon Oliah's return to Hong Kong, Oliah gets into trouble with Ross over the deal, who accuses him of "stealing" it. Oliah then leaves Ross to strike out on his own. Meanwhile, Lo Wang seeks out Teresa to whom he makes an unexpected marriage proposal. Ross is none too happy and decides to take out Lo Wang and Oliah. But his move to assassinate the two miscreants fails as two thugs, hired by Ross to kill Lo Wang and Oliah at a nightclub can't finish the job. A vengeful Oliah and a shook-up Lo Wang decide to eliminate Ross once and for all and take over the operation. An unexpected development occurs as they find out Ross with a high-ranking student council leader. Vengefully, Oliah kills both Ross and the council leader, who was on Ross's payroll and was one of the people who leaded the students in Lo Wang's university classes to harass him.

Their problems apparently solved, Oliah begins a profitable relationship with Il, Lo Wang marries Teresa, they buy a condo that beats living in a shit dorm room, and Oliah sets up Satou with a monthly 1,000 yuan.

But as their underground business grows, so does Oliah's paranoia, and she begins to spiral out of control. Lo Wang and his begin to grow fearful of Oliah's instability. The banker informs them that the bank will be charging higher fees for laundering the increasing flow of money. After Lo Wang convinces Oliah that he has a way to save money on the movie cash, they are arrested in a sting operation by Lo Wang's contact, actually an undercover cop. The hired lawyer tells them that although they may get cleared of the corruption and money laundering charges, Oliah and Lo Wang will probably have to serve prison time for tax evasion.

Il, not wanting to lose her main distributor, steps in to intervene by offering them a way out of going to prison. She calls Oliah back to Bolivia where she introduces her to her pirate board of directors, a group that includes Korea's military chief, and a mysterious Chinese man, known only as being "from Beijing,” assumed to be part of MSS (Ministry of State Security) because Il guarantees that the Chinese judicial system will not be able to send Oliah and her friend to jail. In exchange, Kusanagi must assist in the assassination of several journalists attempting to expose the piracy business, and furthermore the ongoing corruption in the South Korean government.

For assistance, Il sends one of her left-hand men, “The Shadow” with Oliah to assist in the killing. Oliah is clearly disturbed by this since she does not want to kill what she sees as a civilian, but seeing no other options, reluctantly agrees to help Il with the hit.

Oliah, with Lo Wang, more bribed henchmen (Chi Chi and Goku), and “The Shadow” travel to Seoul after securing permits with the university for extended leave of two weeks, and “The Shadow” places C4 underneath the journalists' van in with the intention of detonating it outside the news assembly for show before the journalists exposes Il's distribution. They detonate the bomb as planned; however, another vacationing student part of the all-powerful student council group recognizes Oliah's and Lo Wang's faces. Connecting the dots, the student realizes that the explosion was an execution, and Lo Wang/Oliah were behind the murder of the student council leader — thus sealing Oliah's later tragedy.

Returning to Hong Kong on her 20th birthday (4 February), Oliah discovers her brother Satou over at the entrance of the condo. Satou has been kicked out by his mother for discovering Satou's 'payroll,' and after long harboured feelings for his sister, took a flight over to Hong Kong to meet up and live with her. Oliah, emotionally overwhelmed by Satou's actions, decided to let Satou in on her hectic life, with many hugs and kisses. Lo Wang, also flattered by Satou's actions, decides to think of him as 'that lil' kid brother I wished I had.'

In revenge for Oliah's killing of the student council leader, and her recent bombing of the international journalists, the student council sends swarms of its students to the condo to kill Oliah and everyone inside – using stashed away firearm weapons.

Sleeping at her desk late at night, with Satou using Oliah's bed, Oliah decides to drop out of university with having so much cash flow that she won't ever have to work again. While Oliah is contemplating this, Lo Wang enters her room, in a sleepwalking stupor, asking Oliah (in his dream) to make love to him. Oliah is curious at this, but decides to leave Lo Wang in his stupor.

At this point, the students find out where the condo is, and assaults the clerk, forcing the clerk to reveal which room Oliah and Lo Wang reside in. The entrance to Oliah's unit is blasted open, and the students mercilessly turn the place upside down, butchering a sleeping Teresa in the process. They enter Oliah's room. Upon entering, they discover Oliah in the midst of heading towards the door, with Lo Wang still in a stupor on the bed, and Satou hiding behind Oliah. All three are quickly apprehended and bound.

The student invaders calmly ask which one of the three were responsible for the death of the student council leader. After non-response, Lo Wang is shot execution style, dead. Oliah, from the shock of her best friend murdered like that, lashes out at the punks, but is shot down at her legs. Taking the opportunity, the students torture Satou with shooting out each of his limbs. A helpless Oliah could only watch as Satou is sadistically shot. Satou is bled to death, and in a rage, Oliah pulls away one of the punk's guns and shoots them all down. She arms himself with the dead student's weapons, and a huge climatic gun battle begins as Oliah guns down dozens of the students who try to storm Oliah's condo. Oliah is hit a number of times by return fire, but she keeps shooting. With most of the students dead, Oliah, strung-out on rage, defiantly yells out at the would-be assassins, until she bleeds out to unconsciousness.

“I'm standing right here. Okay? You kill my brother, my best friend, come on in here, you mother fuckers! Come on, I'm waitin' for ya! What, you ain't comin' in? Okay, I'm comin' out! Oh, you up against me now, mother fuckers!? I'm gonna blow your fuckin' brains out! You think you're big time? You gonna fuckin' die big time!” — Oliah

With her condo unit destroyed, her only friend and brother murdered, and herself a bloodied mess, Oliah is confined into an intensive care unit at the hospital.

2013 - 2014:

  • Feb – March 2013: Oliah makes an unusually fast recovery from the damage she took, surprising the surgeons and doctors involved.
  • March 2013: Oliah is found out by the police for movie piracy, a federal crime, and is sentenced to Stanley Prison without parole, for a life sentence of forty years. She is withdrawn from university courses, and to compensate for all crimes, all her hard-earned money is donated to the Chinese government. Il abruptly severs her connection with Oliah, as a measure to prevent Oliah's charges from coming to her and her group.
  • March 2013 – April 2014: Oliah reminisces past moments with Lo Wang and Satou, and begins to feel remorse over her past actions as a reckless young girl. Her personality changes, becoming more subdued, withdrawn, herself almost unrecognizable from before. Oliah slowly befriends Yubaba, a meek Chinese woman. Eventually Oliah discovers Yubaba's occupation, a member of a triad group (The Luen). Yubaba learns what Oliah had done during her university years, and is impressed of her achievements. She convinces Oliah to join her 'Luen' group, and they begin planning for Midnight Express (“Escape”) out of labour camp.
  • May 2014: They tunnel themselves out through an unused sewer system, and successfully escape from the prison. Soon, from the news of their freedom (disappearance) spreading around, other prisoners organize their own rioting (what will become the Summer Breakout of '14)

Oliah and Yubaba meets up with Rubel, the leader of the Luen, a tall thin man wearing a pair of sunglasses, a black hat and suit. Rubel is initially distrustful of Oliah and assigns her as a delivery girl, sending packages of goods to other Luen contacts.

2014 - q4: Oliah again discovers her unnatural aptitude for killing under gunpoint. Under a botched delivery of a truck with loaded HK 416 rifles, she takes out the hostile recipients of the package using the delivered rifles. After the exchange of rounds, Oliah is initiated into the group and made into a contract killer, to hunt down rivalry to the triad gang.

2015 – 2019: Oliah paints a masterpiece of blood during these years. She serves as insurance in the event of failed dealings and significant individual threats to the group. The thrill of the assignments and the money paid keeps her content. Her unstable personality though keeps her from making proper relationships with most people – even gaining the scorn of fellow members, and takes toll on her mind.

May - June 2019: Oliah moves over to Wuhan city for several weeks to sever a drug deal between another Triad group and a bio-engineering company, Meditech.

2 April 2033: Oliah is captured by Batou of Section 9.

Genetic Engineering

1979 AD: Necroni Corporation, being Japan government-sponsored, sets up a genetic engineering centre to provide transhuman replacement organs for police and military use. As medical technology is very crude at the time, the corporation sets up a front as government medical research, exploiting tax money to finance their R&D of required technologies. However, as the Japanese government is focused on dominating the world economy, Necroni is only allotted an insignificant portion of the tax money, placing the idea of transhuman replacement orgasms in development hell.

1984: Necroni attempts to sell its premise to potential financers, mainly highly-developed national governments of the likes of USA, Great Britain, et al. Most reject the idea as being inhumane and repulsive, fearing the undertext of the rise of totalitarianism if the power is abused. Only China is interested, and pours in 10% of its GNP into the program. With the increase of funds, Necroni kick-starts its gene research.

1990: With gene manipulation becoming a possibility, Necroni starts testing a simple gene-splice of boosted immune systems on human subjects, the subjects themselves being enlisted from the massive pool of Chinese population for 'the future world'. All test subjects either resulted in hyper-sensitivity of immunity systems, leukemia or having no effect whatsoever. Necroni researchers are baffled, and undos its manipulation on the test subjects after failure with compensation. The events are kept confidential, and everyone involved agree to a harsh non-compliance penalty agreement.

1991 - q1: The Necroni researchers successfully develops reliable gene-splicing with a 97.4% success rate. Releasing these results to its two parent sponsors, a massive influx of funding from both governments results in increased R&D speed.

1991 - q3: Using its refreshed financial resources, the managing directors of Necroni decide to develop a practical and cost-effective way of mass organ replacement, developing the necessary technologies including but not limited to hibernation, an isolated cold-storage facility, a line of pigs containing the replacement organs that cators to each blood type, a computerized gene-splicing assembly line system, and office faculties. This is dubbed project DONAR. One of the managing directors decide to expand farther, onto birthing a completely artifical human being (the artificialty project) to serve as a prototype for a later line of mass produced artificial soldiers. The artificality project being commercially impractical at the time, in a compromise, Necroni development is split 70-30, on organ production and the artificiality project respectively.

1991 - q4: 3 groups of 5 volenteers from China test the transhuman organ replacement system, and resulted in modified individuals having a performance increase of 220% against control groups of Japanese and Chinese soldiers. The volunteers are boasted to having boosted regeneration, stamina, and increased muscle mass, bone density, metabolism and more efficient digestive and fatigue faculties. As well, the artificiality project nears its completion, leaving the problem of a womb to be birthed in, and a person to be the base for the DNA changes.

1992 - q2: The 15 volunteers suffer bouts of mental illness, occuring from system shock of the mind attempting to adapt to transhuman organ replacement. The 15 volunteers are recalled and escorted to the Necroni Corp facility, and it is discovered that regaining their original organs shall cause death from the mind having adapted to the high performance organs - the body will die from exhaustion should the original organs be replaced. The volunteers are taken to an isolated facility to research the situation. From the shock of the organ disaster, the artificiality project is taken off the hook as Necroni focuses its resources into the organ problem. The managing director of the artifiality project, wanting his vision to be realized, decides to secretly continue and head development, along with a small group of biologists. The DNA of the manufactured embryo is altered to have vast physical performance gains only after coming of age at 20, leaving the high performance lie dormant beforehand, and invoked only in presence of grave danger. This is done in order to keep the embryo's abilities from interrupting its lifestyle then, to protect the embryo until its coming of age where at that time evaluation can be completed. The embryo itself is based on one of the genetic engineers, and afterwards is implanted unknowingly into a couple wanting a child through artificial insemination of the embryo, during which, the pregnancy is covertly monitored by checking the medical records of the couple.

4 February 1993: Oliah Kusanagi is born to the couple.

6 February 1993: The ensemble artificiality team is found out by Necroni and is expunged within a timeframe of 2 hours. The team destroys all records of Oliah's conception, and acknowledges to having disposed of the embryo in the past month.

1993 - q3: Necroni Corporation funds plummet down as the two sponsoring governments become disillusioned with project DONAR. A cure for the system shock effect is discovered by researchers, through the integration of cybernetic implants to act as a pacemaker for safe usage of the transhuman organs. Necroni merges with Cyberdyne Industries to both reestablish a source of funding and further develop the integration of the electronic with the organic. The merged megacorporation's new name is Meditech Industries.

1997 – 1999: Meditech perfects the cybernetic integration into its transhuman organs, allowing for mass production proper. During this period, most of Japan and China's military faculties were enlisted into the program, having the individual retrofitted with the synthetic organs. Rigourous background checks were done to prevent all posibilities of abuse of the organs. Organ production is hastened, due to signs of impending war.

2000 – 2002: WWIII leaves the face of Japan devestated from nuclear bombing of its major cities. Government funding for the organization is pulled for the war’s duration.

2005 – q2: Meditech delves into its previously aborted 'artificiality' project, researching embryo development to supplement the transhuman armies of Japan and China with a source of hi-performing special operatives.

2009: An unknown specimen is discovered (This section still under construction. But stay for the postcards..)


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