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Puyo Fever Ronpa is an Instagram-based Danganronpa fan series created by Silver Survivor(Discord username), that is also a fan series of Puyo Puyo. It revolves around 16 characters from the franchise waking up on an island resort and being told that they have to play a killing game by their school's headmaster, Monocolo. you can follow the series on it's Instagram page, which can be found here

Puyo Fever Ronpa contains examples of:


  • Anyone Can Die: This one is obvious. It's a Danganronpa fan series!

  • Audience Participation: Readers can vote which characters Ringo spends free time with throughout the story.
    • Plus, the creator occasionally puts "askboxes" out, where readers are allowed to ask the cast whatever they want, within certain boundaries.

  • Driving Question: "Why are we here?"
    • To Ringo specifically, however: "Who am I?"

  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: Eight boys, Eight girls, and the genderless Monocolo!

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