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Pokémon: Take Two is a Send Your OCs Pokémon fanfic by FanFiction.Net author The Lazy Bitch. It follows the adventures of Raion, a beginner trainer with a type B Tsundere personality, Ry, Raion's hyperactive twin brother, and Alex, a gentle boy who's been on his journey for a while now. It takes place in a universe combining both the games and anime.

There hasn't been much of anything yet, but the author seems to be focusing on Character Development before the plot takes off, drawing away from Raion's tsundere attitude and making her more likable. The pacing's alright.


The Lazy Bitch, or Maya, is a raving Yaoi Fangirl with a love of humor, so the jokes and Ho Yay are good, if nothing else. It's well-written, grammar and spelling-wise.

Updates are random, but both the authoress and fic are most definitely alive.

OC submissions are still being accepted.

As of chapter two, we have Character Profiles. As of four, we have Extras.

As of chapter seven, every tenth reviewer gets to request a special omake if they have an account. If the reviewer's a guest, the next person to review gets the prize. You have to PM The Lazy Bitch to collect, or else the special omake goes to the next reviewer with an account.


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