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Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil (unless she cheats with those extra ears)

Planet of the Cats by Rassilon001 is a Crossover between Planet of the Apes and Cat Planet Cuties series. It primarily features the cast of the former in the setting of the later, and tries very hard not to take itself too seriously.

Cover Art can be found here: Three Cats by the very talented Xenokurisu

Planet of the Cats contains examples of:

  • Cats Are Superior: Played with. Catians have superior tech and a bit of an attitude problem, but are really a kind and gentle race by nature.
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  • Cats Have Nine Lives: Represented by the Nine Chapters, and also discussed with one lame pun, but otherwise not invoked.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Early on, a throwaway line details that Kio was involved in transportation of Nuclear Weapons as part of his military history. This comes in handy when he later finds some humans worshipping such a bomb deep underground. Subverted, in that he doesn't actually know how to disarm one. And double subverted when the bomb turns out to be a dud anyway.
  • Creepy Child: Antonia, head of the Omega cult, who worship a nuclear weapon. Poor thing just wanted some love and affection.
  • Crossover: Planet of the Apes meets Cat Planet Cuties!. The Author admits that, in addition to the cute premise, using a mix of both franchises allowed for him to escape any continuity snarls.
  • Cute Bruiser: Just about everyone on the planet apart from Kio.
  • Cute Mute: Aoi. At first.
  • Dead Man's Switch: Kio uses a thermal detonator to threaten both sides with ending the war, or he’ll remove himself from the equation.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Antonia preaches of a day when all will die in a bright wave of light, and then be reborn as beautiful and perfect beings.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Thankfully averted, as the Omega was a dud. The author even admitted in his notes he was just trolling the readers with that one.
  • Everybody Laughs Ending: Chapter Eight, arguably the proper end of the story not counting the epilogue, ends this way.
  • Everyone Lives: Kio ends a millennia-long war without a single loss on either side.
  • Evolutionary Levels: Catians apparently evolved from ordinary Earth Felines.
  • Exotic Extended Marriage: The only fitting fate for the last human boy on the entire planet.
  • Fantastic Racism: On both sides, see Poor Communication Kills.
  • Forbidden Zone: Go on, ask why it’s called that.
  • Fur Bikini: Human fashion at the time. Considering it’s only women left and the island is said to be very warm, it’s almost a justified trope, but the author confirms it was mostly for humor, parody, and fanservice purposes.
  • Guilty Pleasure: The author readily admits the two source materials are some of his.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Subverted. Although anxious to rise up against their Cat oppressors, the Humans are no more malicious than they, and rarely use lethal force due to being genuinely good people. It’s years of misunderstandings, plus the hopes of surviving without the other side, that pushes them to war.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Catian tech can ‘digitize’ weaponry and tools. Aoi, also, by virtue of being mutated by Catian radiation (maybe).
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Eris, though she can be forgiven since she’s lived almost her entire life in a society with no boys.
  • Interspecies Romance: Catians (ALL of them) just love Kio to bits, despite being human.
  • Leotard of Power: Catians wear them as a matter of course, skintight and very Fanservicey. Kio also wears one, albeit slightly clunkier, from his astronaut days. Most of the other humans have to make do with Fur Bikinis.
  • Little "No": When they hear the countdown for ‘The Omega’ start up, Kio has one of these.
  • Low Culture, High Tech: By virtue of the recently discovered “lost” technology humanity is using. Catians avert this.
  • Male-to-Female Universal Adaptor: It’s even a loose explanation on how Catians continue to breed without male Catians... by kidnapping human males.
  • Marry Them All: Well, three at least, and be available for ‘breeding purposes’ for the rest on a case-by-case basis.
  • Meganekko: Quite a few of the cast still sport glasses, despite the Human cast at least having no explanation or need for them.
  • Mythology Gag: Plenty to both of the franchises:
    • For Cat Planet Cuties:
      • There’s Eris words to Kio when she meets him.
        Eris: You should have said something if you were going to drop by.
    • For Planet of the Apes, there’s several more:
      • The original Planet of the Apes novel had the Apes with highly advanced technology that was omitted from the films for practical (and cost-saving) reasons. With the Catians now taking their place and everything in text, they are restored to a high tech, digital age of science.
      • In the grand tradition of Nova, Aoi is a Cute Mute until she speaks her first word, which is also a very powerful Say My Name moment.
      • The name of the atom bomb being ‘The Omega’ and counting down to destruction of the entire planet (though thankfully it turns out to be a dud, unlike its counterpart from Beneath the Planet of the Apes).
  • Non-Action Guy: Kio, of course. On a planet of Action Girls, it’s kinda hard to make any headway, but he manages to not be completely useless.
  • Not So Different: Both Catians and Humans. Lampshaded by Kio, who is startled nobody else has noticed.
  • Nubile Savage: Aoi, though most of the human girls qualify as well.
  • Oblivious to Love: Subverted, Kio picks up some subtle hints, but he really panics when Eris and Manami outline that he’s going to be little more than a glorified boytoy to an entire species. And later a whole planet. More like Oblivious to Incredible Lust.
  • Poor Communication Kills: If only the Catians had made it clear they meant the Humans no harm with their efforts to collar and clean them, to say nothing of stealing away their men.
  • Pun: Full of them, both in speech and in the writers own descriptions.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: “There! Will! Be! No! Battle! Here!”
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Kio threatens to kill himself if both sides don’t end their war, dooming whoever does ‘win’ to extinction.
  • Ragnarök Proofing: Given it's been millions of years since it was made, a lot of the ancient equipment from the modern era continues to work with a minimum of repair and upkeep. And then of course there's the Tokyo Tower.
  • Rock Beats Laser: Well, equals at least, as humans make plenty of damage against Catian forces with rifles centuries old. Somewhat justified as Catian tech is not intended to be used offensively, and is generally non-lethal by design.
  • Say My Name: Aoi's first (and only) word is "KIO!"
  • Sequel Hook: Catians are mentioned as strongly disliking water. So their entire civilization is constrained to the island of what was once Japan. With the help of Kio and the humans, in the epilogue, they're considering venturing out into the Pacific Ocean and exploring more of the planet, possibly setting them up to meet other civilizations and creatures.
  • Shout-Out: Chock full of Sci-Fi and Cat references, mostly humorous in nature.
  • Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness: Generally on the Silly Side, though flip-flops with alarming frequency during the Battle and Conquest chapters.
  • Tiger vs. Dragon: A motif commonly used symbolically between the two sides.
  • Transformation Sequence: Catian battle armor is equipped this way.
  • Up to Eleven: The original Cat Planet Cuties had Kio at the center of a fair-sized anime harem. This story places him as the only male on the entire planet (that they know of).
  • Verbal Tic: Cat phrases pepper Catian speech.
  • War Is Hell: In full effect, or at least strongly implied. Thankfully, it’s stopped before anyone is killed.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Kuune and Maki, both of whom have long since given up hope of a peaceful end to their conflict.
  • White-and-Grey Morality: Nobody really wants to fight and kill, and when Kio ends the war, peace quickly comes to the planet with no lingering hard feelings.
  • World of Action Girls: Given there’s exactly one boy on the planet and the two dominant species are at war, the titular Planet of the Cats is this.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Catians have hair color in all shades of the rainbow. Remarked upon by Kio, who seems to be the only one who notices how odd it is. Humans tend to stick to more natural, earthy colors, to contrast the species.


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