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"Ordinary People. Extraordinary Abilities. Real People. Fictional Adventure."
— The Tagline for the entire series.

— Miguel

Pisay Heroes is a collective fanfiction of Heroes by authors from Philippine Science High School: David Ples, Rebecca Yu, and Benny Almirol. Two other co-authors and friends have started writing their own seasons as well.

The premise is simple: one day, the original author decided to make a fanfiction of Heroes, which incorporates his classmates into the story. Ever since then, the work has continued for three years (the authors are currently at fourth year in high school).


The genre is currently unclear, as it straddles the line between a Self-Insert Fic and an Elsewhere Fic.

The series currently has four seasons, three of which have concluded, and three supplemental seasons. The four seasons have been authored by David Ples, with Rebecca Yu and Benny Almirol co-authoring the following three seasons. Two other extra seasons are being published by different authors.

The Series continuity includes:

The extra seasons (which are still canon, but by different authors) include:

A word of note: these are REAL PEOPLE in a FICTIONAL STORY. The characters that represent these people may or may not be accurate representations of the real deal. You Have Been Warned.

This series provides examples of:


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