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Fan Fic / Phantom Strikes Back

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A fanfic based on Fairy Tail, set after the Oracion Seis arc. After Natsu and co. have defeated the Dark Guild Oracion Seis, all seems well and everyone's moods are at a new high after gaining their new member, Wendy and Charle. But old enemies were to return, as the Quirky Mini Boss Squad from the Phantom Lord arc were never arrested and are dedicated on bringing their master back. Will Fairy Tail be able to stand against Jose and the new Phantom Lord?


This fanfic is, as said above, based on Fairy Tail, and thanks to Schedule Slip, has only gotten up to chapter two. The fic is intended to be slightly Darker and Edgier then the majority of Fairy Tail, and also tries to delve into the canon character's personalities, especially the Phantom Lord characters.

As you can see from the dead link, the story has been deleted and abandoned since at least 2013.


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