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POKR. Pokefan Oriented Kamen Riders.

Penned by this Troper, this is a no crossover between the Rider and Pokémon world but really a look if the hit franchise was hit with the setting, traditional aspects and drama equal to that of the Kamen Rider Series.

FanFic.Kamen Rider Coronet takes place 5 years after Gen IV, specifically that of Platinum. Poffin House manager Shingou Yarino becomes a Homonculus after he is kidnapped by Cyrus Akagi of Team Galactic. After his girlfriend has been left in the Torn World and became an amnesiac, Shingou sets out to destroy Team Galactic once and for all.


Kamen Rider Reganet takes place 8 years after Gen III, specifically that of Emerald. Lilycove Museum intern Nagare Amazuchi is one of the people kidnapped by Cyrus and becomes a Homonculus as well. After Steven Stone has been possessed by Rayquaza and almost raped his sister, Nagare vows to use powers for good, even if it means having to become twisted.

Kamen Rider Fauanet takes place 13 years after Gen II, specifically that of Crystal. Olivine Cafe proprietor-professor Tobi Inuya also gets in trouble with Galactic, as well as Team Rocket who both turn him into a Homonculus. After the sudden disappearance of his apprentice Isamu Akashi, Tobi seeks the truth as to what happened to him.


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