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Fan Fic / Ordinary Human Spectre

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"It's how I identify myself! In this day and age, you gotta keep an identity for yourself or you'll be forgotten, ze. My outgoing attitude and various eccentricities keep me living on in people's memories forever!"
-Marisa Kirisame

Ordinary Human Spectre is a Touhou and Mass Effect crossover AU revolving around one simple prompt: What if the Touhou universe was integrated into the Mass Effect one? As in, what if the various elements of Touhou migrated to Mass Effect, like Gensokyo being an Alliance military base?


There's also the fact that Marisa Kirisame replaces Commander Shepard, hence the name.

The result of all this is Ordinary Human Spectre, revolving around Commander Kirisame Marisa, and how much better she is at her job than Shepard. Things go Off the Rails from the usual Mass Effect universe pretty quickly, and Word of God confirms that in ME 2 and ME 3, things will go even farther off the rails.

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