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Not as Planned is a short Deconstruction Fic about a girl from our modern world who falls into Middle-earth, the setting of The Lord of the Rings. She plans to join the quest to destroy the "Ring of Saran", seduce both "Legless" and "Eragon", and save a few lives. Elrond stops those plans.

Not As Planned provides examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: The girl misnames almost everything because she is too stupid to know the correct names. "Like, it's not my fault you can't use English names right." She says "Riverdale", "Bramir", "Gamly", when the correct names are Rivendell, Boromir, Gimli.
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  • Artistic License – Medicine: Someone dies from "catching a bad cold from being out in the rain". The common cold comes from a virus, not from cold weather. The setting is so primitive, the characters would know nothing about viruses. It is also possible that the cold weather weakened the immune system so the viral cold became deadly. Extreme cold temperatures can cause hypothermia, which has different symptoms.
  • Deconstruction Fic: The story destroys the cliché fan plot, where a modern girl falls into Middle-earth and joins the quest. This time, Elrond arrests the girl, to prevent her from ruining the quest.
  • The Ditz: The girl. The elves soon notice her stupidity, and Elrond labels her, "an ignorant child – an imbecilic child".
  • Imaginary Love Triangle: This triangle only exists in the girl's mind. Both Legolas and Aragorn would want her. She would refuse "Eragon" and marry "Legless".
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  • Nominal Importance: The only characters with names are canon characters from The Lord of the Rings, such as Elrond. The girl who is the main character has no name in the story. She meets no named characters, except Elrond. This shows that the girl and her associates are not important persons.
  • Old Maid: When the girl is twenty, she is already an old maid. To escape this label, she enters a loveless marriage.
  • Sailor Earth: The girl wanted to join the Fellowship as its Tenth Walker, but Elrond prevented her.
  • Trapped in Another World: The portal was one way, so the girl can never return home, and must live in Middle-earth.


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