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Fan Fic / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Rewrite

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Shadow Cell's Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny retelling is a fan fiction series that presents an alternate narrative of the events of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Fully completed, the series is a lengthy endeavor, clocking in a total of over one hundred and ninety (190) chapters and a million words, and also features various characters from the Cosmic Era timeline, including the side stories.

The series is composed of the following stories, in chronological order:


SEEDS of Shadows: The year is CE 71 and war is coming to an end at the cataclysmic Second Battle of Jachin Due. One fateful choice leads a handful of soldiers down a dark and terrible path.

The Power to Protect: The war has ended with ZAFT and the Earth Alliance declaring a ceasefire, but the silence of the guns has been anything but a blessing for Kira Yamato, until a certain angel arrives to give him hope...

Pain: The year is Cosmic Era 72, and although the PLANTS and the Earth Alliance have silenced their guns, the war rages on for the Alliance's biological CP Us: Clotho Buer, Orga Sabnak, and Shani Andreas.

Soldiers of Old: The year is CE 73, and the pilots of the former Three Ships Alliance have returned to Earth to wage war against Orb's new Seiran government. But the soldiers of the new Orb Raiders are young, and the burdens of war are heavy...


Golden Goddess: The year is CE 73, and war has broken out anew between the Earth Alliance and the PLAN Ts. Amid the crossfire, however, a revolution is coming to pass in the sheltered nation of Orb, fomented by the young survivors of the Valentine War...

SEED Destiny: The year is CE 73, and the PLAN Ts and the Earth share an uneasy peace. But moving on is no small task for young ZAFT pilot Shinn Asuka, and a clandestine attack on the Armory 1 PLANT begins to turn Shinn's life upside down...

Promises: Shinn Asuka takes an opportunity amid the fires of war to visit the graves of some fallen friends in Antarctica...

Red Planet: CE 76. The survivors of ZAFT lie in exile at Mars, and find themselves embroiled in a civil war among the Martian colonists. Amidst the anger and bloodshed, they look with hope upon their hero and standard-bearer, Kira Yamato...


SEED Twilight: CE 77. Lord Djibril and the Earth Alliance rule the Earth Sphere with an iron fist. Amidst the civil war, a young Natural is swept up by the great Resistance battleship Minerva, carrying the likes of Athrun Zala and Shinn Asuka...

SEED Eternity: CE 77. ZAFT has returned to the Earth Sphere to avenge its defeat, and the crew of the battleship Minerva finds itself swept up in a war that will decide the fate of humanity...

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Tropes appearing in the series in general are:

Dark Fic: One of the prime examples of this trope for the Gundam franchise.


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