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The Megamix Tournament is a Spin-Off of a similar fanfic called the Ultimate Video Rumble. As such, it is also a Mega Crossover tournament-style fanfic, combining several different franchises (mostly fighting games, but there are exceptions), pitting them against each other in a huge tournament where they get eliminated one at a time until only one is left standing, much like a Royal Rumble in wrestling. Also like the UVR, the Megamix Tournament is a votefic, where the readers vote on which of the twenty (or thirty) fighters in the ring at the time will survive a particular "Section", and when the arena is filled again, the voting process restarts and keeps going until only one is left.


All three of the tournaments follow a similar format: Having an arena of fighters to vote on as well as "Side Battles" going on outside of the ring. At the same time, there is an evil plot being brewed and the mission of stopping it falls onto the shoulders of a mismatched group of heroes that join forces to take down the villains. The winner of the first tournament was Kasumi Todoh from Art of Fighting while the winner of the second was Sakura from Street Fighter. The third tournament is still in progress.

It should be noted that the main thing that separates the Megamix Tournament from the Ultimate Video Rumble is that some franchises represented aren't fighting games. Suikoden has seen representation in all three tournaments, with Suikoden III getting the most attention. Also, most of the Mystery Fighters that show up aren't from fighting games at all.


The Megamix Tournament is arguably one of the more-successful spinoffs of the Ultimate Video Rumble, as it has seen two tournaments completed and has a third in progress.

All three tournaments can be found on the author's profile here.

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