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"Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Innocence" is a fanfic by Jadyne Farrow on The story covers a somewhat alternate timeline of events that take place between the end of Luna's fifth year and the summer after her sixth year. Xenophilius Lovegood, after hearing about Dumbledore dying, decides to put a plan into action of creating a chamber that will keep his daughter innocent, as he's worried she may become jaded by the war the wizarding world has been plunged into. At the same time, Lord Voldemort has discovered a secret about Luna and tries to win her affections and take control of her.


Contains Examples of:

  • Affectionate Nickname:
    • Pandora Lovegood calls Luna her "dear, moon child" when she appears to help her fight Tom's influence over her.
  • And Now You Must Marry Me:
    • After taking her hostage the second time, Lord Voldemort informs Luna that after she helps him win the battle of Hogwarts and kill Harry Potter, she must become his wife.
  • Another Man's Terror:
    • Just as in canon, Luna's mother died from a spell that went badly wrong for her, but this flashback elaborates more on the situation and the circumstances before and after it happened.
  • The Baby of the Bunch:
    • Slightly subverted by Dotty Pop; although the youngest of her siblings, she actually knows she was assigned to be the Innocent at birth.
  • Color Motif:
    • The nightgown and slippers Xenophilius gives Luna for Christmas, as well as the stuffed rabbit and magic lily he places in her arms when she's asleep that night after he puts her in the chamber. All of the objects are white, which is often used to represent innocence and purity.
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    • The light-pink mist Luna get sprayed with in the chamber which is supposed to erase her memories also ends up sedating her and making her calm. Pink has been said to have a calming effect.
  • The Cutie:
    • Luna is very often seen this way by others in the story, in spite of her intelligence and ability to fend for herself. However, in spite of this, she's still very lovable.
  • Corrupt the Cutie:
    • Heavily implied by Tom's plan to make Luna his wife, yet still keep her innocent.
  • Delaying Action:
    • Luna, after hearing her mother's ghost telling her that Harry's not actually dead, announces total devotion to the Dark Lord in order to stall for time, even going so far as to pretending to go along with his order to kill Neville and Rolf.
  • Deliberately Cute Child:
    • Dotty Pop, though not to get what she wants, but because she knows she was assigned the role of the Innocent at birth. She mentions to Luna that her parents put her in therapy and training to make her fit into her role, and states that she's faking it.
  • Demonic Possession:
    • Very apparent throughout the story. In chapter 13, Luna is lured to the frozen pond and finds the locket of Slytherin. After opening it, she states that she feels "as if something flies into me." The reader discovers later on in the story that what went into her was a part of Tom's soul, making her what the author calls a "spiritual horocrux," which explains why Tom was able to communicate with her in her dreams.
    • Much later on in the story, Tom preys on the worries of Xenophilius and Luna's friends, convincing them that Luna needs to be protected. Eventually Tom is able to break them and turn them into his puppets to get Luna into the titular chamber.
  • Females Are More Innocent:
    • The story centers around how others perceive Luna's innocence, particularly Xenophilius. A lot of times, the males in the story are shown to have some power positions and few, if any, are described as innocent in the story.
    • Also subverted with the character Dotty Pop who knows that she was assigned the role of the Innocent when she was born and is faking it.
  • Flashback:
    • In chapter 59, Luna uses the Pensieve in the Headmaster's office in order to find out why her dad built the chamber in the first place.
    • This flashback actually encompasses multiple memories of his, including his Sorting, proposing to Pandora, as well as why he created the chamber.
  • Heroic Lineage:
    • After being taken hostage by Lord Voldemort the second time, he informs her that she has Seer's blood, which as he explains is almost exclusively for females, though a few males have been known to possess the powers. It is also revealed to her that her mother, Pandora, also had the same ability, and explains that he had tried to persuade Pandora to work with him, but she had end up rejecting him.
    • This does backfire on Luna though, as it's what got her kidnapped that second time.
  • Hollywood Autism:
    • In the story, Luna, Hermione, Neville, and Arthur are all either stated or implied to be autistic.
    • Luna and Hermione both state it themselves. Luna seems to either subvert or avert this trope especially, though. While she tends to take some things literally and is shown in the story to be stimming various times, she's also very creative, imaginative, and highly empathetic, which go against traditional autism stereotypes.
  • Hypnotic Eyes:
    • Used by Tom multiple times on Luna, in order to get her to fall in love and be devoted to him.
    • This could also potentially be categorized as Hypnotize the Princess.
  • Kill the Cutie:
    • In the Palace of Memories, Dotty Pop finds the memory of her birth and the doctors assigning her to be the Innocent. When she confronts her siblings with this information, the oldest, Lopsy, has the others hold her down while Lopsy slits Dotty Pop's throat, afterwards telling Luna that it was what the doctors told them to do if she ever found out the truth.
  • Lotus-Eater Machine:
    • Chapters 70-79 of the fanfic have Luna in a dreamworld, only for her to discover her dad successfully put her inside the chamber of innocence. See also Pleasure Island.
  • Overprotective Dad:
    • Xenophilius Lovegood to near-insanity, going so far as to building the titular chamber to keep her, as he says, his "wonderstruck, fairy princess" forever.
  • Pleasure Island:
    • The dreamworld Luna goes to after Xenophilius and her friends are possessed by Tom Riddle to put her in the titular chamber. It turns out to be a cover to distract her while her memories are being erased to make her basically a husk for Tom Riddle to control, only for the world to melt away after she realizes she's in the chamber. This could also be categorized as Lotus-Eater Machine.
  • Purity Personified:
    • In the dreamworld, Luna is constantly referred to as being "pure innocence incarnate" by the faeries.
  • Terms of Endangerment:
    • Quite a few characters use this towards Luna.
    • The Carrows use this on her when she's taken hostage for the second time, calling her "pretty, little thing."
    • For Lord Voldemort, it's always this. However, under the guise of being her conscience, disguised as the younger version of himself it becomes Affectionate Nickname to Luna until she realizes he and Lord Voldemort are the same person.
    • Some of the terms Lord Voldemort uses towards her are "my dear," "my bride," "my little Seer", "my good girl," and "my dearest."
    • Some of the terms Tom Riddle uses towards her are "my dear," "my princess," "ma cherie," "my dear Luna," "my love," "my sweet, pretty, little doll," "my sweet darling," "my dearest," "darling," "my sweet," and "my sweet Luna."
    • With Xenophilius, the use begins as Affectionate Nickname, but by the time he begins going insane, it veers far into this realm.
    • When he becomes insane, he uses terms such as "Luna my love," "my wonderstruck fairy princess," "my dear," "my (little) Luna," "sweetie," "my sweet, (little) Luna," "my sweet, little girl," "my pretty, pretty, pretty, little princess," "my sweet, naive, little Luna," "my dear princess," "my sweet and innocent little girl," "my sweet, pure, innocent, naive, little child," and "my innocent, dear Luna."
    • Also used when Xenophilius and Luna's friends are possessed by Tom, including terms such as "your dear, innocent, pure princess," "the pretty princess," "an innocent child," "dear Luna," and "sweet princess."
    • It is also used by the snatcher, Avery, calling her "pretty (little) thing," and "my dear."
    • Also used on Hermione by Fenrir Greyback, who says "hello, beautiful."

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